West Coast Racers Update – Mid-June 2019

Speaking of things staying in tact, the retracking project for Apocalypse continues! Hopefully they can get it to be smooth again. In the foreground note the ultra-short brake runs!

If you look at the yellow track for West Coast Racers you can notice a switch track presumably for the storage of the trains.

Here’s a closer look at the High-5 element!

The support-structure for it is gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous support structures, look at this beautifully complicated support structure that spans over the midway.

This will mark the entrance to the area, and honestly a pretty awesome one too!

Beautiful interaction between the two sides. Just looking at the ride made me so much more excited now it’s all coming together!

Unless I am mistaken, it looks like the only remaining track needed here is the station, the brake runs and launches have already been installed.

In the distance the twistiness of the High-5 element makes me even more excited!

Let’s look at a few more pictures of this crazy support structure!


Make sure to visit the West Coast Racers Preview Center where you get a very decent look at the new ride under construction!

Supports and track!

This is going to be such an amazing way to enter the new area! We’ll wrap up our update here.

Here are a few pictures of Six Flags Magic Mountain and West Coast Racers during sunset. The stuff dreams are made of:


Good night Valencia, we’ll be back!

Thank you for checking out this West Coast Racers update! Make sure to check out our Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report and some of our many new updates and reports:




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