Jurassic World: VelociCoaster Update and Testing Footage – Early January, 2021

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After so many trips to Universal’s Islands of Adventure to collect VelociCoaster testing and update materials, I finally visited on a day where they were cycling a train with hood and back! The weather was nice and I was excited to capture these beautiful trains in action! You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

There was quite some time in between test cycles because they repeatedly switched off trains that they were testing. That includes the train that is missing the hood and back. It’s still filled with test dummies. Enjoy some new shots of this train in action. You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

They eventually took another break from testing and placed the “pretty” train back on the tracks for some more test runs! You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

The patio for the Three Broomsticks is still closed but the seating area behind Hog’s Head Pub was open to the public, offering incredible angles of the Intamin coaster in action! I really enjoyed getting a close look at these beautiful trains. You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

While it was already getting dark out by the time I got to photograph the last few cycles, I was also able to get some quick videos for our Florida Coaster Kings Facebook page! Take a look:

It’s amazing to see how quickly this project is coming together! It’s simply a delight to watch the coaster test and seeing the excitement of parkgoers all around the attraction. Jurassic World: VelociCoaster is going to be a hit! I shall leave you with a few final pictures!

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