The World’s Tallest and Fastest Pendulum Thrill Ride is Now Open at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened their newest thrill ride, CraZanity, this week and not only is it a perfect fit for the park, it’s a true Six Flags Magic Mountain thrill ride. Six Flags Magic Mountain has the tendency to open record breaking attractions, and CraZanity is no different. Let’s take a look at the World’s tallest and fastest pendulum thrill ride!

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CraZanity is visible from many spots around the park, as well as in the surrounding Santa Clarita Valley. Usually that’s hard to say of a flat ride. Not only does the structure itself stand out thanks to the amazing night-time light package, the ride has a fun color scheme that is different from surrounding rides! The park opened the ride along with a new area called the Boardwalk, and the beach tones are very fitting. 

CraZanity has a classic midway marquee that can be seen in either direction and indicates the entrance to the ride. The logo is sharp, in fact one of the sharpest flat ride logos I’ve seen. It’s very fitting for a ride this massive, and an addition that enthusiasts had hoped for for years. It’s exciting for the park to receive big new noteworthy attractions that are nor roller coasters, as this park’s line up has nicely diversified over the past few years. 

We were invited to the opening of the event, thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain, which was the first new ride opening since Neal Thurman became to Park President. He’s a great operations-heavy guy and we’re excited to have him as the new Park President. He gave a little speech regarding CraZanity before the ride officially opened. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Santa Clarita were the first official riders, and we love how dedicated the park is to the local community. Riders are swinging 172 feet into the air on CraZanity, and depending on the location on the disk, riders even get upside-down views of the massive Valencia theme park. 

CraZanity joins an impressive lineup of 19 world class roller coasters along with important renowned attractions like Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom and their new-for-2017 Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

CraZanity is a Zamperla Giant Discovery ride, versions of this Italian thrill ride have been placed at Six Flags parks in Texas, Massachusetts and Northern California. Six Flags Magic Mountain received the biggest version ever made, and the 25 ft height difference hugely improves the already-great ride experience.

The ride is a permanent fixture in the park’s skyline, and that’s not only because riders spend a lot of time in the sky. Thanks to the ride’s minimal rotations, riders get enough time to experience prolonged airtime at the top of each swing. Unlike other versions of this type of thrill ride, CraZanity rotates in both directions, and every single one of the 40 seats on the ride faces up and down at least once at the height of 172 feet. 

The Boardwalk is not just home to CraZanity, but also a great variety of new games, as well as a newly refurbished Johhny Rockets restaurant. Again, I’m loving the beach tones that are all over the new area. 

A few weeks ago the newly refurbished Scrambler opened in the Boardwalk as well, which features a permanent canopy to keep riders in the shade! 

The second new ride experience in the Boardwalk is Jammin’ Bumpers! The park redesigned their Sand Blasters bumper cars ride and added lights and music to create a very cool new ride experience. The ride has been replaced with new state-of-the-art bumper cars, as well as a new viewing platform. 

Especially at night this will be a fun area of the park to hang out in! Both Jammin’ Bumpers and CraZanity have great light packages. 

We advise everyone to come check out CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Not only is the ride beautiful, it’s a real thrill that belongs at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The park’s newest area looks great, and the star attraction is a can’t-miss on your visit. I’ll be back to ride it A LOT. 

Thank you for checking out our report on CraZanity! California has opened more noteworthy big new attractions this year, such as Electric Eel, HangTime and RailBlazer. Across the globe in Europe, Fenix just opened at Toverland!

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