Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – October 24th 2018

Sean: We spent a few days hanging around Six Flags Magic Mountain riding all coasters (that are operating) and we have a quick park update for you! Most of this report will be regarding the West Coast Racers project!

– Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

After our trip to Asia, we love riding both Tatsu and X2 to compare them to their counterparts in Japan. I appreciate Tatsu much more than I did before, mainly for its intensity and views. Though I prefer Universal Studios Japan’s Flying Dinosaur, Tatsu is very different and almost as good.

Something that Flying Dinosaur will never have is the views of course, the elevated elements far above the rest of the park that Tatsu provides are unbeatable. 

With Viper still closed, of course we get some extra Ninja rides in during our visits now. For those wondering, Ninja is back to 2-train operations! 

Let’s move on to Cyclone Bay where construction continues for the West Coast Racers project! Totally Kickin’ Chicken is undergoing its refurbishment and will be part of the newly launched area!

I am not sure what the old Cold Stone/6-Below will become, but the building will remain and be part of the new area. 

The teasers are still on the wall, rather than any big posters or renderings… but… they opened a preview center! More on that in a bit. 

Apocalypse, which will keep the same name and theme, is still undergoing its retracking refurbishment. The park is of course busy with Fright Fest, so I’m sure the pace will pick back up once the event is finished next week.

In case you had yet to see a picture of the turnaround under construction, here it is!

We used a different camera on this trip, so we were able to take better pictures of the markers for the footers of the big figure-8 turn around above the Cyclone 500 go karts.

The field of markers behind the gift store (Extreme Zone) keeps growing! 

Given the size of the new coaster I expect them to start vertical construction soon, or at least get going on the footers!

Very cool is the new West Coast Racers Preview Center! The front building of the Extreme Zone store is now a preview center, which actually gave us some good insight on what to expect in the area!

Let’s head inside!

The interior is a mix of the West Coast Customs aesthetic with logos, merchandise, art wall and video screens. The collection of West Coast Racers shirts is quite cool! 

The wall art on the opposite side of the preview center shows the ride’s layout as well as the aesthetic of the area! 

The TV screens near the ceilings provide footage of the animation, adding a nice touch to this preview center! 

The concepts call for this gift store to play a crucial role in the new area next year and to exist for years to come. 

The most notable of the renderings in the preview center are the ones that show off what the area will look like next year. With show vehicles, gift stores, food, planters, palm trees, and much of a SoCal/LA vibe. We’re very excited for that! 

Next time you’re at the park, made sure to step by! 

Here’s another look at the construction zone, which again is a bit bare as of now.

Oh hey Ninja! We’re excited for the interaction between Ninja and West Coast Racers next year!

Perhaps one day Ninja will have floorless trains, as we suggested here. But if not, it will forever be one of our favorite Six Flags Magic Mountain coasters!

Now Viper is closed, we ride our next favorite looper at the park: The Riddler’s Revenge! Which will forever and always get our respect, what a great coaster!

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Stay tuned for more new reports soon! Check out some of these other worldwide reports we recently launched:

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6 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – October 24th 2018”

  1. My sister and I were at SFMM today. The closest we got to where West Coast Racers will be was the 6F store. I wish now that we’d have checked out the preview center, but I’m sure it’ll be there next time I go.

    On a side note, if you can, go visit West Coast Customs in Burbank at 2101 West Empire Ave. I stopped in there recently, and they have cool stuff on dsplay. They’re also very nice.

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