Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 21, 2018

Here’s a shot of Tatsu with a *short* line on a Saturday in July because Magic Mountain is running BOTH STATIONS!!!

New trash can wraps sponsored by Honda have popped up. 

Classic Revolution is back to running 2 trains!

Took an A/C break in Six Flags Emporium. Hoped to buy a phone charger, but they don’t have them for iPhone (hint hint, guys). They do have these cute new Twisted Colossus kiddo shirts, though.

And a very patriotic shirt with a very…interesting…No Limits interpretation of Riddler’s Revenge.

Aside from Tidal Wave, the Helpful Honda Express is the only ride I rode.

It’s a welcome break from both walking and the oppressive heat.

Work is already underway for Fright Fest festivities up in Samurai Summit.

Let’s have some more looks at CraZanity, shall we?

Let’s take a stroll to one of our favorite places in the park.

The pathway to the left of Superman offers some pretty great views of Goldrusher and CraZanity.

Goldrush is still one of my favorite rides to watch at Magic Mountain, and this is a great place to do it. 

And now, CraZanity has sweetened up the spot even more.

The bigness of this ride can’t be stressed enough. Somehow a flat ride manages to rub shoulders with some of the world’s largest coasters and does not appear dwarfed in comparison. 

Superman still stands well above CraZanity‘s highest arc, but the mighty Goliath actually sits below the peak swing (due to elevation differences).

CraZanity aims its riders skyward, defiantly re-defining the landscape here at the world’s coaster capital. 

I’ll have to come back here at night to catch the amazing light package.

Also I’d really like to time this shot with a Goldrusher train, but it didn’t happen for me this time. 

CraZanity‘s dispatch turnaround isn’t great right now (10+ mins), but hopefully it’ll improve with time.

I can only hope to face all things in life with the same enthusiasm as this kid in the front seat of Goldrusher.

Ooh! Did I mention both sides of Superman are open?

Not sure what’s going on here. Meditation? A new meme? Something???

Oh look, CraZanity dispatched again. 

Just CraZanity and Superman.

I could take pictures here all day!

There’s a view of Goldrusher’s helix through the trees as well.

People get REALLY excited to see a photographer on this platform. Every train had people waiving, posing for the camera, and shouting “hello!”

There’s some real characters out today!

The door to the the backstage area next to Laughing Dragon was left open for all to see.

Upon departure, I Takis being given away for free! Several flavors!

That concludes our Magic Mountain update! Make sure to check out our new Infinity Falls Update from today, a new Parc Saint Paul report, a new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Report, and our Top 50 Coaster States!

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6 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 21, 2018”

  1. I really like the decisions the park has made with everything from Twisted Colossus on…keep it up. Such a diverse line up of rides. A Mack Spinner would continue that build!

  2. Six Flags Magic Mountain is on the right track now “)
    Happy to see all the new flats over the years & finally cyclone bay will be re-done “) All that is left is a new Metro system to help guests around the park and Six Flags has completed my check list !

    Seriously if they add a metro, SFMM will hands down be the best Amusement Park in the world !

  3. Those old Spillikin Corners buildings are 41 years old and likely termite-infested. It’ll be nice to see some new stuff in this area. But glad they’re keeping the candy place.

    The thing about Spillikin Corners was watching craftsmen make things out of glass, metal, wood, and other materials. And you could buy what they made. Very unique for the time, but people grow bored too quickly these days, so unique experiences go away.

    Reminiscing aside, I look forward to what’s coming in 2019. We’ll know what it is in only a month.

  4. When I was at Magic Mountain 2 weeks ago, I saw that the sign at Green Lantern saying that it was closed due to mechanical problems had been replaced with a sign saying that it was closed for annual maintenance. I hope that means Green Lantern will reopen soon. I really like Green Lantern and miss riding it.

  5. I’m sure the candy shop will stay probably give the building some TLC and hopefully inside where you watch stuff being made they put some counters up near the window so you can actually see and watch what their doing with the apples chocolate and peanut brittle

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