Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – August 11, 2019

West Coast Racers

The first thing that catches your eye when you drive into the park is the vastly empty lot where all of the track used to be stored. This is great news because only a few pieces of track, including these thick spine additions are left to add to the ride. The park is still waiting for the yellow/gold thick spine track to show up.

I was curious to see where these pieces of track would end up. Sure enough in the concept art, they will be used for the first half of the spaghetti bowl section of the ride. Which means that this will be one of the most intense portions of the ride.

Most of the track now resides on the coaster, including the first section of the dueling corkscrews. Visually speaking you can tell that this element will be the highest point of the attraction.

Sure enough there is still more supports that need to placed. These will be for the second half of the corkscrews.

The first half of the attraction, in all its beauty, is complete. More work continues on the station and first and third launch sections. They were not kidding when they said the coaster would completely surround and immerse you in the land.

New brake fins have appeared at the end of the coaster as well.

Looking back on our previous updates, they have modified the track for Cyclone 500 a tad bit. We cannot wait to see this completely finished!

That is going to do it for today’s update!  Thank You all for reading thus far! Be sure to check out our recent Universal Orlando Update!


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