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On our 2019 trip to China, we didn’t plan on riding Rex’s Racer at Shanghai Disneyland. The new credit was tempting, but we assumed the line would be too long for us to want to take time away from all of the superb rides Shanghai Disneyland has to offer – after all, we already had the Paris and Hong Kong ones.

On Shanghai Disneyland day the crowds were light, and when we checked out the new Toy Story Land we couldn’t help but notice Rex’s Racer going out with empty seats. “Eh, why not” we said. After riding, it occurred to us that we’ve now ridden every coaster Disney has ever built – but not for long. Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleds will open at Hong Kong Disneyland before we know it, and with no plans for a Hong Kong Disney visit in our near future, we knew our every-Disney-coaster-ridden claim had an expiration date on it.

Naturally we decided to write an article ranking all operating Disney coasters – it may have taken 2 years for us to get around to it, but we’ve finally put it together. As Califloridian DLP passholders, we take our Disney coasters seriously, and with 30-ish coasters we had a lot to consider.

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27. Goofy’s Sky School Disney California Adventure

Our list begins with Goofy’s Sky School taking the dubious honor of “Worst Operating Disney Coaster.” (operating being the key word; Primeval Whirl is the worst coaster(s) in Disney History). When the basic Mack Wild Mouse opened in 2001 as Mulholland Madness, fans were disappointed to find that the ride was little more than an off-the-shelf coaster with low-budget theming. As Goofy’s Sky School, the ride’s theme has been cleaned up a bit, but it’s still Disney’s most blazé and cheap-looking coaster.

26. RC Racer / Rex’s Racer Walt Disney Studios, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland

Not much can be said of Disney’s trio of gentle, forward-facing Intamin Half-Pipes other than that they seem to check a “flat ride box” more than a “coaster box.” The coasters make sufficiently thrilling (if short in duration) complements to the 3 small Toy Story areas they call home, and are quite charming with their oversized HotWheels orange trackbeds.

25. Goofy’s Barnstormer Magic Kingdom

Despite being built for Mickey’s-identity-crisis-kiddieland, Goofy’s Barnstormer fits comfortably in the much-improved, Dumbo-themed neighborhood of New Fantasyland. The first of Disney’s kiddie coasters, we have Barnstormer to thank for the trend of teeny-tiny gentle coasters in parks where the coasters were already pretty gentle to begin with.

24. Gadget’s Go-Coaster Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland

For all the intellectual properties Disney now maintains, it’s surreal to think that they once built an entire roller coaster and named it after a supporting character from a Saturday morning cartoon. Gadget’s Go Coaster is a memorable precursor to other larger-than-life attractions found at Toy Story Land – it’s a coaster where you ride in vehicles fashioned from acorns over a track and structure made of household objects. The coaster, like much of Toontown, still charms despite needing a facelift.

23. Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster Tokyo DisneySea

Our survey of Disney kiddie coasters now takes us to Flounder’s Fish Coaster – Tokyo DisneySea’s original coaster. Yes, for almost 5 years, “The World’s Most Beautiful” and/or “World’s Best” park as it’s often called, had only a kiddie coaster (from Togo, no less) making up its coaster collection. The ride itself is cute and thoughtfully manicured like the rest of Tokyo DisneySea, and fortunately a more substantial coaster entry did arrive in time for the park’s 5th anniversary (more on that later).

22. Casey Jr., Le Petit Train du Cirque Disneyland Paris

Powered coaster fans rejoice: Disneyland Paris’ Casey Jr. is a rare Vekoma powered family coaster with impressive length and lovely views of Le Pays des Contes de Fées (Paris’ Storybook Land Canal Boats – the original Disneyland attractions were a great choice to update and introduce to Disneyland Paris). Fun fact: Casey Jr. was also the first “coaster” to employ onboard audio – something that no new Disney coaster is seemingly complete without.

21. Slinky Dog DashDisney’s Hollywood Studios

We’re now deep in Disney’s “kiddie coaster gray area” – everything smaller or more gentle than this is definitely a kiddie coaster, right? Is there such a thing as a launched kiddie coaster? At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we find the answer to be an emphatic “yes.” Still more gentle than your average Vekoma roller skater (thanks to Mack engineering out every vestige of a G-force), this adorable, over-sized monorail of a ride has about the same force threshold as sitting on your couch at home – only much cuter.

Slinky Dog Dash

20. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril Disneyland Paris

Spots 19 & 20 on our list are *almost* interchangeable enough that they could’ve shared a spot, but anyone who’s ridden both Paris’ Indiana Jones and Tokyo’s Raging Spirits will tell you that we have two very different experiences here despite the rides being technically identical. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril was a hasty, budgetary push to give the failing EuroDisney resort a thrill ride. Atmospherically the ride has improved over time, with foliage growth and updated scenery pieces, and its delightful pacing and surprising forces have helped Indy shed its former identity of cheapness and laziness.

19. Raging Spirits Tokyo DisneySea

Both Indy Paris and Raging Spirits are clones of an unlikely subject – an extended Pinfari traveling looper. Nevertheless, Paris (and to a greater degree, Tokyo) proved you could do a lot to elevate a seemingly mundane coaster experience. Far from the quick n’ dirty motivations that built Indians Jones et le Temple du Peril, Raging Spirits was just a victory lap in (let’s call it a “victory loop”) for the immensely successful Tokyo DisneySea park. Never much a coaster resort from the get-go, a compact looper to complement Tokyo Disney’s commanding lineup of dark rides and entertainment was just what they needed to cover all the bases – complete with a substantially higher theming budget than what EuroDisney could afford for Indy at the time. A con for Raging Spirts, however, would be its bulky, modified restraints and consequent height maximum – Indy’s standard Intamin restraints offer riders a bit more freedom.

18. Crush’s Coaster Walt Disney Studios

Though this little ride gets some hate for having poor throughput (though respectable for a typical park, even Walt Disney Studio’s relatively low attendance is too much for it) Crush’s Coaster is an underrated gem. If you can look past an obscene queue that endeavors to mar the overall experience, Crush is a surprisingly potent thrill ride and an impressive repackaging of what is, for the most part, a standard Maurer Spinner. Everything between the 1st and 2nd lift of Crush’s Coaster is worth the trouble alone.

17. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom

Here’s where the race gets a little tighter – all of the Thunder Mountains and Space Mountains can start to run together, so we may split a few hairs with our ranking. We want to make clear that Big Thunder Mountain in Orlando isn’t a bad ride, per se, but that it’s biggest problem is that the other Big Thunder Mountains exist. Undermaintained scenery and an anticlimactic final 3rd are the main culprits – plus the harsh Florida weather just isn’t kind to the ride’s paint and landscaping (or lack thereof, in some cases).

16. Space Mountain Magic Kingdom

To echo that thought, again, there’s no denying that a ride like the original Space Mountain isn’t a good ride; it simply just isn’t what it could be. Space always deserves points for blazing a trail of indoor coasters – a ripple effect still felt to this day worldwide – and it also deserves recognition of its totally unique layout which will remind riders of Matterhorn Bobsleds, only in a giant dark basement. While Orlando’s Big Thunder could use a touch of polish, Space Mountain could use a gallon: the vehicles, the station, the queue, the showbuilding – the list of things that need to be totally reimagined or totally removed on Space Mountain goes on and on. The good news? With TRON on the horizon, Space Mountain may finally be allowed to take a substantial sabbatical wherein the ride is finally brought to the 21st century.

15. Incredicoaster Disney California Adventure

Look how they massacred my boy. Remember when Paradise Pier had finally hit that sweet spot of a strong attraction roster and a pleasant atmosphere? We had a good 10 years of that before Pixar Pier crash landed into our lives, bring with it gifts of tacky mediocrity garish enough to make even the Eisner years of California Adventure seem thoughtfully executed. While they can’t take away the near-flawless California Screamin’ at its core, they can certain slap the laziest reskin to ever befall a Disney E-ticket attraction. The biggest crime was the loss of Screamin’s superb and iconic onboard audio in favor of a grating mess of character dialogue.

14. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Shanghai Disneyland

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, like Indy/Raging Spirits, is another duo that is *almost* interchangeable, but we definitely still have a favorite: believe it our not, we find that Shanghai Disneyland’s installation (which opened a little more than 2 years after Magic Kingdom’s) is just slightly inferior to the original. Shanghai’s has a lot more room to breathe – but we miss the way Orlando’s is sunken into the terrain. If there’s one strength that the Shanghai ride has over Orlando’s, it’s that they left themselves more room for landscaping on the ride’s perimeter. Also, if you’re lucky and get your timing right, you can ride this Snow White coaster in the actual snow.

13. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Magic Kingdom

Part of what makes Orlando’s Seven Dwarfs special is that it was a sorely-needed ride in a much-needed remodel of Fantasyland. We also love the views of the ride’s 2nd half from the Beauty and the Beast subsection of Fantasyland – the vantage point is a bit more compelling than Shanghai’s ground-level application of the ride. Most importantly, we have a beautiful scene rescued from Snow White’s Scary Adventures at the end of the Orlando version – Shanghai’s is a smaller, albeit still charming brake run scene.

12. Space Mountain Tokyo Disneyland

The next three spots belong to the three “standard” Space Mountains; the success of Anaheim’s abridged Space Mountain in 1977 lead to an identical version at Tokyo Disneyland in 1983, and the ride is pretty much the same as it was when it debuted. We lovingly refer to it as “Analogue Space Mountain,” as it lacks any onboard audio or scenes – just the sounds of riders enjoying their flight through the pitch dark cosmos.

11. Hyperspace Mountain Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disney’s Space Mountain is unique in that, unlike Anaheim’s, Hong Kong’s is Hyperspace permanently. Hyperspace Mountain is a fabulous overlay enjoyed by Disney fans the world over, and the commitment to the theme in Hong Kong is admirable – especially the X-Wing parked in what was once the ride’s overflow queue – though some of the lingering touches from 2005 still clash.

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