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Sven: As theme park fans, I’m sure most of you like to collect souvenirs from your visits. It can be the pictures you make during your trip till the park maps and leaflets that the park distributes. That last kind of memories are what we are going to talk about today! This of course in light of our Park Maps Trading page! Have a look at what we have in our collection!


I’ve started saving my park maps when I was about 17 years old, which was unfortunately a bit late. I regret not saving some of the maps from the parks I visited when I was younger, but oh well, that’s life. Now however, I never forget to bring home a bunch! Below you will find some of my favorite park maps. Mostly because of how they look or the memories that are attached to them.

Alton Towers – 2012

2012 was the first time I went to the this amazing British park. It was a small road trip and I had loads of fun. Almost missed out on Oblivion as it was closed the first day and first half of the second day, but at the end of my stay it reopened. The park map is definitely something else. The front is pretty cool but once you open it, well, good luck finding your ride. Visually I like it a lot as it is very chaotic and the drawings appeal to me. However, the downside is that it is not very usable to find your way around the park. Alton Towers is also not very easy to guide yourself through it during a first time visit. In the end all went fine, but it’s a good thing that the roads are already a bit clearer in the new version.

Efteling – 2011

Efteling has always had wonderful park maps. In the past, you needed to pay to get one but nowadays they are free of charge just like most park. This edition was the first paper version with hard cover they made that I received during one of my visits. It folds out in quite a big size, which is normal as it is a big park. I like the way it is drawn and it is more practical than the previous one we described. It fits the park’s theme perfectly with the rides clearly explained on the sides. Worth mentioning as well is the title: ‘Wegwijs Pas’ or in English: ‘Know One’s Way Pass’. Typically Efteling.

Europa-Park – 2014/2015

During my second visit to Europa-Park, the shops had some sales going on. One of those was a waterproof park map! The regular park maps are for free, but this one was especially designed to withstand water. The structure of the paper is less fragile which makes it not only more waterproof, but also prevents ripping. It is quite clever because the one map I keep to guide myself to a theme park is pretty worn out at the end of the day. This one should prevent that, but I didn’t test it. Instead I kept it,  as it’s pretty nice and I am considering framing it even.

Walt Disney Studios (Terrorific Night) – 2012

Terrorific Night was a special event at the Walt Disney Studios where the park turned into a 12+ environment. Scare zones were installed and the villains came out to play… I was lucky to have scheduled my visit in 2012 as it was the last night that it was held. The park map is one of the coolest I have in my collection. Especially the front, which was a bit less convenient to use during my visit, but it’s visually very cool. The sides open up to hold information on the different attractions. Honestly it also makes the park event look cooler than it seems. We can only hope that the event returns in the future!


Besides park maps, there are also brochures, specials and other marketing items available out there. I love it when a theme park creates something that is totally in line with their own unique style. Here are a few of those specials in my collection that I’m glad to have.

Efteling: ‘De Efteling Courant’ – 2010

Efteling had this cool ‘newspaper’ laying around at their hotel in 2010. It had info on the parks, the future, dining… + a preview on the then new coasters: Joris en de Draak. Funfact is that the ‘De’ (meaning ‘the’) is in the same print as a popular newspaper in the Netherlands: ‘De Telegraaf’. Once more it’s style is perfectly coexisting with the atmosphere of the park.

Europa-Park: Hotel catalogues – 2013 & 2015

When in Europa-Park, it’s always a pleasure to stroll along the hotels at the end of the day. There you will find many brochures including the Hotel catalogue. It’s pretty big and full of beautiful pictures of the resort hotels. I can only advise to pass by and pick one up for you collection. Especially the one of 2015 was visually very professional and appealing.

Phantasialand: Klugheim special – 2016

Need I say more after you read the title? Phantasialand is one of Europe’s hidden jewels as a theme park fan. Last year it welcomed two new coasters with Taron being my personal best new coaster of 2016. I was very happy to attend the press event thanks to Pretparken.be and we all went home with a cool goodie bag. Inside was  this beautiful brochure of how they built the coaster.

Plopsaland De Panne: Anubis marketing – 2008/2009

Marketing is an interesting subject and many parks try to find the best way to promote new rides, experiences, shows and more. One of the best paper versions I’ve seen is this one below by Plopsaland De Panne. If I remember correctly, I got it the year before their first looping coaster Anubis: The Ride opened. Every car had this ‘speed ticket’ underneath their wipers. I, and probably many others as well, were very surprised and confused at first. Once you turned it however, it was clear that it was just a leaflet as it had coupons for the park. Really well done!

Six Flags Belgium: Promotion leaflet – 2004

My oldest leaflet is one of a park that no longer exists. Well, it does… but under a different name. My first visit to Walibi Belgium was when it was still part of the Six Flags group. Here is one of the promo leaflets for the 2004 season where it highlighted the events of the park and the different rides.

That’s all for today! Don’t hesitate to show us your favorite maps or leaflets on our Park Trading Page and why not trade with someone too?

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