Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom vs. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom

The question is; will the new ‘World’s Tallest and Fastest Drop Ride’ beat the then ‘World’s 2nd Tallest and Fastest Drop Ride’? In other words, how much greater do we expect Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom to be, or do we think it won’t be much different… find out now…

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Let’s start with some quick stats of Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, and Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom.

  • Speed; 85 MPH90 MPH
  • Height; 400 ft. — 415 ft.
  • Passengers per dispatch; 1624
  • Attached to…; Superman: Escape from KryptonKingda Ka
  • Park; Six Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags Great Adventure

Looking at the statistics, we notice that faster and taller quite automatically warms up the enthusiast. Therefore we wouldn’t be surprised that most people would think of Zumanjaro as being automatically better. When looking at capacity, we would have to agree, but with capacity only. Structure and park shouldn’t make much of a difference, so we won’t discuss that.

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When looking at speed, we obviously notice that Zumanjaro is 5 MPH faster than Lex Luthor with a speed of 90 MPH. But how much different will a drop feel when the maximum speed is 90 (Z) or 85 (LL) MPH? Good one, right? Yes, we don’t believe it makes too much of a difference, and this is just for the name or statistics. It will be interesting to see how people will look at both rides when it comes to speed, especially after both are open, and if they have ridden both or neither.


Then there was the height. Just like the speed, both rides deal with record breaking, extreme heights. But how much is 15 ft? A difference of 15 ft is not to much either, would it even be noticeable that you’re up 400 ft (LL) or 415 ft (Z)? We think not. We do agree that a drop ride with the world record of 415 ft in height sounds cooler than a 400 ft tower, and we’d agree with the public when that’d become an argument. But will it make much of a difference in the experience of the ride?


Okay everyone, after believing that the rides are mostly the same, here’s capacity kicking in… Oh yeah were giving this to Zumanjaro, if we estimate the ride time to be about the same as Lex Luthor, then it would be able to cycle 150% of the LL passengers. Which is a big win! Waiting long periods of time for a drop that takes 4-6 seconds is not ideal, and therefore a faster operating ride is ideal.

 Overall Experience

When we recap all we said, but factor in the location and structure this time, we might get surprising different views of both rides. As known, Lex Luthor is attached to the sides of the Superman: Escape from Krypton structure. Zumanjaro will be attached to the front side of Kingda Ka. Looking at the surroundings, Magic Mountain is surrounded by mountains and hills. Great Adventure on the other hand has no mountains, or hardly any terrain height-differences close by. This results in a view that stretches farther for Zumanjaro. We’re not judging the nature/ landscaping around both parks, because the opinions can differ. But one of the biggest factors is the structures of the rides. We are going to say that Lex Luthor will still be a more thrilling experience when both are open because of the following; Both drop cars are positioned on different sides of the tower, back to back. This means you can’t see the other gondola, and you have nothing on either side of you. Zumanjaro has 3 cars next to each other, not having that effect of being solo. Then, perhaps, the greatest difference comes in. When Kingda Ka launches, it will launch over head, creating a feeling that you’re not all the way up, on LL there is nothing above you but the sky. Additionally, when Kingda Ka launches up the tower, the tower will shake, but since you’re not on the side this won’t make much of a difference. With LL on the other hand, the cars are located on the sides, and Superman: Escape from Krypton will launch up the tower without reaching the very top, this results in the cars pulling the tower forward a little when on their highest point. This results in the structure swaying 3 ft both ways, which means the drop cars sway to the left and right too! This is very thrilling, for you guys who haven’t experienced it, this is one of the most thrilling aspects of the ride.

That all said, perhaps Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom and Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom are nearly the same, and it won’t be much different. Or perhaps Lex Luthor is more thrilling although the records all go to Zumanjaro… Who knows?

6 Replies to “Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom vs. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom”

  1. I’m looking at El Toro instead of Goliath, so I would think that Zoomanjaro is better lol

    However, Zoomanjaro is 5mph faster but only 15ft taller. From the math point, the break section might be shorter and stronger to create more airtime than Lex Luthor.

    1. That would be another *plus for Zumanjaro, because the brake on Lex Luthor looks long, but is actually really powerful, most people have a hard time keeping their head straight/up once the brakes kick in! Only to imagine Zumanjaro!!

  2. Now looking at this and now that zumanjaro is open the train of king da ka does not go above you the gondolas are dropped before the launch so that is also a disadvantage of zumanjaro

  3. Have been on both rides and think they are both amazing rides…. And different because of the ride experiences. Zumanjaaro ascends much faster. It takes 30 seconds to reach the top. The ascent is actually very scary. The drop also feels faster but not overwhelmingly. The fact that KK’s track is almost 50 feet above you made me very nervous. Lol. Made the ride seem even higher.

    I wish the state of NJ would allow KK and Zumanjaro to operate simultaneously. Apparently they are afraid loose articles from above will crash down onto Zumanajro riders. Also, apparently the Zuamanjaro waiting area is a notorious spot for loose articles to fall down to the ground as well. I asked someone at the park who said Gr Adv and Six Flags Corp is fighting this. We shall see. Several years ago the State of NJ gave a big NO to the construction of a huge flying coaster similar to Tatsu (before Tatsu was built). I think they were afraid of an incident similar to what happened recently with Ninja. Gr Adv got that horrible Supeman ride instead… which is awful.

  4. I haven’t ridden Zumanjaro yet, as I have not ever been to Great Adventure.

    However, I have been on Lex Luthor many times—even once by myself. When the Superman cars go up or come down the tower, the tower does indeed sway several feet side to side. That does give Lex Luthor an entirely different element of thrill. What’s most fun about riding Lex Luthor is watching the faces of people who have often not even been on the ride itself, let alone with the tower swaying.

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