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Alexander: Good morning! As most of you are already aware, Six Flags Magic Mountain has made history by announcing their 20th roller coaster: West Coast Racers, a quadruple-launch möbius racing coaster from Premier Rides.

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For immediate details and renderings of the new coaster, click here. For the announcement event and construction, read on:

Six Flags Magic Mountain invited us to participate in their 2019 project announcement party (their first such event in over 2 decades), where we were treated to amazing atmosphere, food, and beverages while we awaited the highly anticipated announcement.

Several representatives from West Coast Customs were in attendance, as well as some amazing custom vehicles!

Metro Park Pub was transformed into a prime entertainment venue!

Amazing gourmet hors d’ouvertes were serves as well as several choices of craft beer and wine!

Six Flags Magic Mountain Park President Neal Thurman soon took the stage with West Coast Customs Founder and CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus.

Anticipation builds as Neal and Ryan enthusiastically begin to describe characteristics of West Coast Racers.

Finally, the ride is officially introduced to the world!

The West Coast Racers animated rendering dazzles guests!

The crowd is abuzz! Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 20th coaster is sure to be a hit!

West Coast Racer cake and cupcakes were served shortly after the announcement. 

Neal and Ryan are so excited!

“Let’s all go for a construction tour! Right now!” cries an excited Neal.

Metro Park Pub is conveniently located to Cyclone Bay, which will receive a new identity to coincide with West Coast Racers (official announcement for the area at a later date).

We’re curious to see how Apocalypse plays into the new area; a name/theme change is certainly on the way.

The ride’s station will be located a little bit ahead of the above picture, across from the old Los Cuates. The ride’s racing inversion and double helix takes place above the Cylcone 500.

Behind the construction wall we can now picture the initial launch sequence of West Coast Racers. This is approximately the backside of the station. 

The long stretch seen above will house the body shop, the first and third launches as well as the High-5 element!

Ninja will soon have an exciting new neighbor!

We’re standing in what will soon be replica of the West Coast Customs body shop, which will serve as both West Coast Racers’ station and midcourse show sequence!

Curious to see how other existing buildings in the area will be repurposed.

The long-rumored “Adrenaline Alley” name has been thrown out, so the area’s exact identity could be anyone’s guess at this point. 

Hopefully a facelift for Jet Stream is on the way too!

That about wraps up the event!

Thanks for inviting us Magic Mountain! Can’t wait to ride West Coast Racers!

Make sure to find all the details of West Coast Racers here! And check out the video below:

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