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In this Ride Review we’re looking at one of the most underrated coasters around, Viper. Viper is located in Six Flags Magic Mountain and opened in 1990 with the record of world’s tallest loop, and world’s longest and fastest looping-coaster.


Riders will approach the line after walking up the hill of Baja Ridge, where Revolution, X2 and Viper are located. Once the riders passed under the X2 bridge, they will see an arch with the Viper logo. This is where the line begins. Riders will walk up the curved ramp and arrive in the Mexican themed building. The first thing riders will see are the switchbacks where screens are located. (Switchbacks never get filled). Riders will then take the stairs up to the actual boarding area of the ride, the riders will quickly board, and the ride is about to start.


Riders have now boarded the green arrow-dynamics trains, and are about to leave for a crazy, non-stop action, adventure. The train will be brought to a height of 188 ft, to be dropped sideways 171 ft. After the powerful drop, the train will shoot up 144 ft, to go through the first loop, it will then be slowed down a little and curve to the left. The train now approaches the 2nd and then 3rd loop. The second loop is 90 ft tall, and the third is 62 ft tall. A little warning, there’s a little bump between the 2 loops that can cause pain in your neck, so please keep your head back in the loopings. After the 3rd loop, riders will have 3 seconds to breath before they get released from the brake-run on their way to the batwing. After an S-curve descending down, the train will spiral through a batwing, which is an element that starts off halfway, will go through a half corkscrew to the right, which is followed by a half loop, which is then followed by a (Sidewinder) half loop up, and a half corkscrew turning to the side you originally came from. The train will then be slowed down by a set of trim-brakes before it passes under the first drop to slowly pull through the 40 ft tall double corkscrew. After the double corkscrew the train will roll over a straight segment for a few seconds before the last. sudden, drop that passes under the begin of the lift-hill to hit the final brake run. The train will then turn back to the station.

First loop!
First loop!

Riders are able to purchase an on-ride photo, which is taken when the train rolls through the batwing. The ride may be a little rough but it is definitely not as bad as advertised. The ride has 7 inversions and doesn’t get boring at any point. The best seats are all the way in the front or the back 2 rows.

Second and third loop!
Second and third loop!

The lines for Viper seriously never get long, and Six Flags mostly operates it with 2 trains. So you will often end up walking on immediately. If the lines get longer, or there is only 1 train running, lines will still not exceed 15-20 minutes, and therefore the switchbacks on the lower level of the station are almost never used anymore. Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the ride isn’t good, it is probably the smoothest and best arrow-looper still operating, and has won many of our polls.

Batwing! Also, notice that it is located next to the X2 queue, and notice the first drop!

We advise you to ride it, since it never has a line anyways, why not do a Viper marathon, when you have time. It’s definitely not the most popular ride of the park, but it is one of the most extreme rides!

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5 Replies to “Viper Ride Review”

  1. Viper is easily the the best Arrow of all time! Its bumpy, but in a good way bumpy, not painful bumpy like other arrows!

  2. I love your ride reviews! Need more of them 🙂 I’ve always liked Viper and never understood the hate. I would be interested in learning more about Vipers impact to SFMM and the industry….

  3. I agree that Viper is nowhere near as bad as everybody says it is. Sure, it’s rough and showing its age, but I have never experienced any head-banging on this ride that others gripe about. I have been on other coasters out there that are a lot worse in that department. I’m glad to see Revolution getting the makeover it needs, and I remember riding Flashback once back in the day and how painful that was. Viper was the coaster I came here to ride on my first trip to this park, and now I always have to ride it at least once each time I come for memory’s sake.

    1. We absolutely LOVE Viper! We’re glad you agree! 🙂 Thanks for checking out our Ride Reviews.

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