Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour

One of the bonuses of coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, is being on an actual, full operating film studio.  You can fully experience this theme park’s uniqueness on its attraction known as the studio tour. 20131220_091539

This is a tram ride through the sets and sound stages of Universal.  Riders board a tram and are introduced to there guide and driver, as well as a video host, Jimmy Fallon.



The tram departs downhill passing a timeline of movie posters, featuring Gone with the Wind, Woody Woodpecker, Jurassic Park, and other great Universal films.  It reaches to bottom of the hill and passes by the first, and newest of its sound stages, which currently houses the television singing competition show, The Voice.  


You then pass 2 more sound stages, one being the oldest, which held the Paris Opera House in the original film rendition of Phantom of the Opera, and the other being one of the largest, which holds sets from the CSI television series.


Riders will then enter the Metropolitan Sets (Boston, NYC, etc).

20131220_093006 20131220_093019



Rounding the corner, riders, see the famous Clock Tower Square is, where the famous time travel scene in the end of Back to the Future was shot. Then, after passing through little New York, riders go up another hill, to experience, the newest addition to the attraction, King Kong 360 3D.  In this experience, riders enter Skull Island though a tunnel and are asked to put on a pair of 3D glasses.  They are then, through the magic of 3D technology, are transferred to a forest complete with a battle between King Kong and a group of T Rexes, that gets so wild that a back car is pulled onto the screen and down into a gorge.  After finishing this thrilling experience, riders head up a hill passing the famous cars of Universal, featuring Kit from Knight Rider, among others, before heading into a territory from Jurassic Park in which you are ambushed by some spitting Velocaraptors.  Riders then enter little Mexico during a rain festival, in which, not only does it rain, but it poors, causing a flash flood effect.


Riders then go through Whoville, where, during Grinchmas, a performance occurs, with singing and dancing Whos, and everyone’s favorite green monster Mr. Grinch.


On the back side of Whoville, however, is the not as jolly Bates Motel from Psycho.  Some unlucky riders will catch Norman with his mother and will be chased by him, knife in hand.  Riders then pull into a sound stage that has been set to look like a subway station and experience and earthquake, featuring a tanker truck falling down on them, a derailed train, and another flash flood.  Then riders descend to a small New England town featuring a large shark attack from, you guessed it, Jaws.


Riders ride up passed the Bunny Ranch from the Best Little Whore House in Texas.


You then part the seas as Charlton Heston once did as Moses in The Ten Commandments. Finally, riders see the grand finally, the plane crash scene from War of the Worlds, which features a real demolished 747 passenger plane.



After one last ascent up which allows riders to get a view of the surrounding East San Fernando valley, and a good bye song by Jimmy Fallon, riders exit the tram, hopefully unscathed. 20131220_091449



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  1. Update: The experience now includes the new grand finale of Fast and Furious: Supercharged. In about the last fifteen minutes of the tour clues are given that some major crime activity is unfolding, and Vin Deisel and his partners show up to guide you through the mess. Eventually you go inside one last major soundstage where a dance party is broken up by them and the detectives, and finally you go into the next room where once again you put on your 3-D glasses, and experience a simulated race and chase through the freeways of LA at 120 mph. Many people unfortunately have reviewed this finale as somewhat of a let-down. It seems that Universal got in a hurry with this one, as the acting was sub-standard, and the main action part even didn’t seem as death-defying as it should to me.

    1. We’re aware 😉 We actively covered the addition of Fast and Furious throughout 2014 and 2015, including media day reports, construction updates, and reviews. 🙂

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