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Disneyland has been the place where dreams come true since it opened in 1955.  Although the park has changed since it opened more than fifty years ago, it remains to be one of California’s family favorite parks.  Although Walt Disney passed away his wonderful ideas lived on and were created by the Disney Imagineers.  Although Disney could be claimed to be perfect by many, many people don’t know how many of those wonderful ideas were though up and never created.  The following is a list of Disneyland attractions never created, and we’d love to hear your feedback of your favorites.

Atlantis Adventure: The first plan to re theme the submarine voyage ride in which riders would be able to grab gold coins and gems from the bottom of the lake with a mechanical arm that would be attached to the submarine.  It was canceled due to the failure of the Disney Animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire in 2001.

Candy Mountain:  A train ride that was supposed to replace Casey Jr. Circus Train in fantasyland that was supposed to take riders on a train through a mystical land in which everything was to be made of candy and would lead to a clear rock candy mountain.  It was cancelled due to the fact that imagineers believed that the translucent candy mountain would be darkened and not look realistic due to the smoggy air of Anaheim.

Geyser Mountain:  A ride with a similar thrill concept of a launch and drop tower, in frontierland in which riders would board a giant drilling machine which would hit a geyser that would throw them up in the air.  The plan was canceled due to its similarity to the recently opened Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror.

Herbie The Love Bug Ride:  A ride idea conceived in 1976 to be in fantasyland and would take riders through the scenes of the first 2 Herbie movies including driving on the golden gate bridge or skipping across water in mini Herbies.  It was canceled for unknown reasons.

Firework Factory:  An interactive shooting ride in which riders could shoot at fireworks to set them off inside a firework factory.  The ride idea wasn’t canceled but scaled down and moved to Mickey’s Toon Town.

The Enchanted Snow Palace:  An indoor boat ride in fantasyland that would take riders through a melting snow river and past the northern lights, into the kingdom of the snow queen, filled with frost fairies and snow giants.

Indiana Jones and The Lost Expedition:  An indoor area that would cover many parts of adventureland including Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, The Jungle Cruise, as well as an Indiana Jones Minetrain Coaster.

Duck Bumps:  A bumper boat ride located in fantasyland.

The Museum of the Weird:  An attraction that housed many oddities such as a talking chair.  The idea was stopped because it freaked out many including Walt Disney himself, but many of the concepts were used in the Haunted Mansion.

The Old Ferris Mill:  A ferris wheel ride that resembled a windmill.

The Great Movie Ride:  A replica of the ride in Disney World located in the never created Hollywoodland of Disneyland that took riders through the making of a movie.

Dick Tracy’s Crime Stoppers:  A dark ride to be located in the never created hollywoodland that took riders through scenes of the Dick Tracy films.

Toon Town Trolley:  A motion simulator ride that took riders through a tour of Toon Town from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Rainbow Roads to Oz:  A dark ride that would be located in fantasyland that would take riders through the land of Oz.

Space Voyage:  A plan for a four tracked indoor space themed roller coaster in response to the success of Matterhorn that was canceled due to not enough space and later became Space Mountain in Orlando.

Rock n’ Roller Coaster featuring No Doubt:  An indoor launch roller coaster featuring on board audio of the Anaheim based band No Doubt but was cancelled due to the want to keep the experience of Rock n’ Roller Coaster to Orlando.

Runaway Grizzly Railroad:  A high speed coaster that gave a fast but none the less scenic view of Grizzly Peak.

Paradise Pier Water Flume:  A flume ride that would take riders around paradise pier and would end with a splash into Paradise Bay.

Green Army Men Parachute Drop:  A parachute drop ride that would take the place of the Maliboomer launch tower.





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