Twisted Colossus Construction Update 27th of September.

Twisted Colossus… another week, another Twistedly insane amount of work done. When was the last time a new Magic Mountain ride started construction this early?!

Alright, so the entire first drop has pretty much been ‘chopped-off’. The steep drop will thus likely be built on the remaining wood of the drop. 20140927_163544 (Large) 20140927_163306 (Large) 20140927_163602 (Large)

There’s some Twisty track waiting to be placed!20140927_163514 (Large) 20140927_163500 (Large)

From inside the park one may notice the crane. I’m not sure what it’s for, besides Twisted Colossus work of course. 20140927_165922 (Large) 20140927_165906 (Large)

Now let the real amazement come, more of the pre-lift has been constructed.20140927_165706 (Large) 20140927_165712 (Large)

Part of the track is being pulled into place by a tree…. or something… organic construction.20140927_165718 (Large)

And I know it’s incredibly hard to see… but after the second turn in the pre-lift, there’s a little drop… yes everyone, an unannounced little Iron-Horse drop is right behind these trees… There’s some more twisted track… though I’m not certain what that is.20140927_165742 (Large) 20140927_165736 (Large)

Well, have that Twist your mind for a bit. Twisted Colossus is coming along great! Check out the last update before by clicking here.

To see some exclusive shots of what happens behind those trees, which is pretty TWISTED, please click here.

I just came back from opening night of Fright Fest 2014 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. After this long night of Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain, I can conclude that they have improved immensely. Their new mazes are amazing, and their old ones sure had me scared again. The overall level of Fright Fest has increased, and I think it’s time SFMM is being recognized for their event, it’s at the level to fairly compete with HHN and Scary Farm.

Stay tuned for the maze reviews later today!

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