Twisted Colossus Construction Tour at Six Flags Magic Mountain

I was honored to be invited by Six Flags Magic Mountain to attend a pretty exclusive Twisted Colossus construction tour. So before I share everything I learned at the event with you, I’d like to thank Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting me.

Let’s start with the entrance to the new Screampunk District, which is what the new area will be named. When people enter the new themed area, they will find a large sign with the name of the area on it, which will be located in the center of the path. Located where the park set up the #farewellcolossus campaign. 20140624_105839 (Large)The floor will have a concrete and metal design, which will be brightly colored and Steam Punk-esque.

The Freshers Lemonade stall behind this small plaza (as seen above) will be eliminated entirely, and won’t be replaced as far as we know now. The old Ben&Jerry’s building, a bit down the path behind the bathrooms and next to the Twisted Colossus entrance, will turn into a gourmet sandwich restaurant, named Twisted Wiches. (Here’s an older picture with the building in the back, notice how there were still a lot of trees in the area). 20140920_152006 (Large)

The themed area will include a repainted Magic Moments Theater, that will be renamed. The current name they’re planning on using is the ‘Looking Glass Theater’. I’m not so sure what to think of the name yet, but it sounds like a name fitting the new theme.

As I was talking with Bonnie Rabjohn (Six Flags Magic Mountain Park President), she told us that Scream! will get a make-over, I asked her if it will receive a repaint in different colors, and the answer was YES! 20141024_171651 (Large)Scream! will be receiving a makeover to match the new theme of the area. The name will still be Scream! as far as they could tell, which would make sense in a themed area named ‘Screampunk District’. Scream! will be receiving a new color scheme, as I stated before, but the park is not yet sure what colors they’re going to be using. All they know for now, is that Scream! will look different for next year, including some theme aspects as well as color aspects. Scream! will close on January 5th, along with the rest of the area, to be reopened in the summer as Screampunk District!

The area will close soon, probably after Holiday in the Park, so that the entire area can undergo the major changes that are planned. The themed area will include live street-entertainment, as Bonnie Rabjohn stated.

Twisted Colossus will obviously use the old Colossus station, which will be renovated. And a new gift-store will be put in place across from the entrance. (The entrance remains in the same location). The station, which is now only half used, will house large amounts of switchbacks. The left side of the station, the side no longer used, will be housing the regular line. 20141125_160448 (Large) 20141125_160603 (Large) 20141125_160442 (Large) 20141125_160445 (Large)

The right-side of the station/queue building, will house the handicapped access line, and the Flash Pass line. 20141125_160430 (Large) The air-gates and loading platform remain in the old position. 20141125_160614 (Large) 20141125_160933 (Large)

The stairs down to the maintenance platform will be taken out. And the panel that used to be leveled a couple of feet above the staircase will be demolished. The place of the stairs will be flat with the rest of the station, and will house the control panel of the operators. 20141125_160643 (Large)Since the staircase will be gone, the old staircase on the opposite side of the station will be the new staircase that maintenance and operators will be using. 20141125_160701 (Large)

The old transfer track of Colossus is still there, but will soon be taken out. Next to the old transfer track is the new brake-run, and a new transfer track that’s under construction. 20141125_160631 (Large)20141125_161357 (Large) 20141125_161556 (Large) They’re still putting the transfer track together, it’s currently positioned up-side-down for constructing the wheels. 20141125_161608 (Large) Look! That’s ugly Scream! in the back! But no worries, it’ll soon be a very popular ride again! None of the management members could deny it, Scream! was in need for some serious love, so we’re very excited it’s receiving some serious love!20141125_161603 (Large)

Below the station, the engineers showed us where all electronic equipment for the ride’s operations used to be stored. 20141125_161229 (Large) All these wires were once used to operate the Colossal woodie. In a couple of months these walls will be filled with new panels for the Twisted Colossus operation system.20141125_161217 (Large) Transfer track structure, and if you look at the green piece in front of it, on the floor, that’s the actual transfer track that they’re preparing. Behind the transfer tracks, a new storage building will be built. 20141125_161212 (Large)

The section of track leading to the Twisted pre-lift, will have drive wheels to give the train enough speed to make it through the pre-lift. Of which we’ll have pictures coming up. 20141125_160424 (Large)20141125_163438 (Large)

Here the track comes around the second corner, into the first tiny drop. 20141125_163151 (Large) It’s a tiny drop. But I’ve never been so excited about a ‘tiny’ drop before! Also, notice how large the track actually is. 20141125_163159 (Large)Some more ‘tiny drop’ love, looking all fresh and new as the first RMC Iron Horse to feature a color that’s not some shade of red!20141125_163124 (Large)Here’s a close-up of the track mounted to the steel beams, which are connected to the original (or in some places new) wooden structure. 20141125_163203 (Large)

Here’s some pre-lift funky-ness!20141125_161439 (Large) Seriously everyone there tried getting cool shots of the pre-lift and all its twisty-ness. Result; a bunch of people in your pictures… 😛20141125_161547 (Large) Of course we’ve all seen pictures, or from Goliath, etc. But it was fantastic being able to touch the track, look at the funky banking from up-close, and take your own pictures.20141125_161416 (Large) 20141125_161413 (Large) I don’t know why, but due to a combination of the steel beams below it, and how it ‘ejects’ riders towards Goliath, this is probably my favorite pre-lift bank. 20141125_161620 (Large) Trying to get an artsy pre-lift shot… 😀20141125_161710 (Large)

Here’s the famous lift-hills. Notice the catwalk has been nearly completed on the blue side.20141125_161653 (Large) They were working on the lift-hills as we were taking the tour. They’re placing wooden beams near the first drop, after the lift-hills, to add track, and to place the lift chains. The final parts of this should arrive sometime next week, and then the drop will be placed. 20141125_161719 (Large)20141125_150405 (Large) Let’s finish with a lost ol’ Colossus footer!20141125_161648 (Large)

Twisted Colossus will have four trains (blue, green, orange, and purple), and will run 3 most of the time. The engineers did tell us that the station speed is the main factor to the trains lining up to race, so let’s hope Six Flags Magic Mountain can keep the dispatch times up! 😀twistedcolossuslogowhite (Large)

Thank you so much for reading our version of the Twisted Colossus construction tour! I’m very thankful for being invited to this unique back-stage event. For the most recent Six Flags Magic Mountain and Twisted Colossus update, please click here! I’m currently working on getting the Holiday in the Park Preview article and video going, which should be posted sometime soon!

Please comment your thoughts, or reliefs about Scream!’s future below! I’d love to hear what you’re excited for in the Screampunk District!

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