Tsunami Soaker Construction Update

Tsunami Soaker construction has started at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! For a description of the ride and more info first, click here

Below you’ll see some pictures of the construction site. Nothing majorly important has happened yet. So far, the old Wave Jumper ride that used to be in the spot across from Roar has been dismantled and is being stored next to Superman Ultimate Flight. 20140101_115637 20140101_112253

The old line has been worked on, but is still in tact, may the park use it as the new line for Tsunami Soaker, although that doesn’t seem likely. 20140101_115710 20140101_115657

Hopefully the park will start bigger construction soon, to get the ride to open this spring. They also posted a little sign on the wooden fence surrounding the area, indicating that a new ride is coming. Hopefully they will post some sort of banner too, so people know what is actually coming, Tsunami Soaker! We’re really excited for this ride, and can’t wait to ride it!20140101_112257

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