Tomorrow Tuesday–Undertow at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


In August of 2012, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk unveiled plans for a new $5.5 million ride during a presentation for employees and media at the Boardwalk.  A new spinning roller coaster, named Undertow, will join the Boardwalk’s thrilling lineup of rides.  Manufactured by the German coaster company Maurer Sohne, Undertow will be the only spinning coaster in Northern California.   undertow coaster

A spinning coaster is a very unique experience, that many riders have fallen in love with here in southern California on rides such as Sierra Sidewinder (Knott’s Berry Farm) and Screamin’ Deamon (Castle Park).  This is due to the fact that every experience on a spinning coaster is different.  Unlike most roller coasters, which carry an entire train full of riders, Undertow uses individual cars each holding 4 riders, with each pair of riders sitting back to back.  undertow car

The ride experience changes every time, depending on the weight and position of riders in the car.  It was scheduled to open in Summer 2013, however it still has yet to be opened. Undertow will take over the location currently occupied by the Hurricane roller coaster. The Hurricane’s last day of operation was September 3, 2012; the ride has been sold to Western Playland Amusement Park in New Mexico.  The Boardwalk’s last new major ride to open was the Haunted Castle, which opened in 2010.  The ride will be 50ft tall and reach a top speed of 40mph.

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