Tomorrow Tuesday–Tsunami Soaker

The 2014 Six Flags’ new ride announcements were one of the biggest in Six Flags history.  Among these announcements, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (Great Adventure), Goliath (Great America), and Medusa (Mexico), were all announced to open with a bang.

Although one of the more underrated Six Flags parks, and personally, one of our favorites, Discovery Kingdom, didn’t receive any new record breaking coasters or drop rides, they received some fantastic new add-ons, to add to an already great park.  First of all, they will be open year round.  Secondly, the popular Cirque Dreams Splashtastic show will return, after the success it had in 2013. Thirdly, they will be adding an all new soaksational experience: Tsunami Soaker.


Tsunami Soaker is similar to the classical spinning teacup ride but with an exciting twist. You and up to five other passengers will hop into one of the nine round boats sitting on a circular floor atop a pool of water. As the ride begins, the floor will lower into the water until it disappears below, allowing your boat to float and splash around. Your raft will spin in circles while the other boats twist around you, creating a quite dizzying experience.  Each seat on the boat is armed with a  water gun so every rider can participate in the soaking of enemy boats. While your boat rotates around the wet course, you can engage in an soaking battle of aim, shooting your water blaster at other riders as well as innocent bystanders waiting in line to ride, soaking them with bursts of water. This drenching water attraction will be a great way to cool off on a hot day and enjoy a fun family adventure.


The Tsunami Soaker will have a platform diameter of 66 ft, and will be located in the former Wave Jumper space, on Roar Plaza. Below there will be two pictures showing where the ride would then have been be located. 

photo 2 (13) photo 1 (14)

Tsunami Soaker is coming to the park after the huge success this Mack ‘Twist ‘n Splash’ had in La Ronde. The ride was new for the 2013 season in the Canadian Six Flags park, and had the name; ‘Aqua Twist’. The ride was popular with the audiences visiting the park. These audiences are similar to the ones visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags St. Louis. Therefore the St. Louis park is also receiving a Mack ‘Twist ‘n Splash’ with the name Tsunami Soaker for the 2014 Season.


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