Tomorrow Tuesday #4—Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

In 2012, Disney World began a huge expansion on its Fantasyland.  It is expected that all attractions in this newly renovated area should be open by the close of the 2013 season.  On May 31, 2012, Magic Kingdom closed its original Snow White ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventure Scary Adventure.

Construction on the lift hill and structure of the new 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.


New Concept Art for the Fantasyland area shows a Snow White featured area, with a walk through of Snow White’s Cottage as well as a new steel Vekoma coaster, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  A new princess meet and greet area will take place of the original Snow White ride.  The new coaster will travel both indoors and out.

The track layout plan of the new coaster.


Unlike some of Disney’s other coasters like California Screamin’ and Rock n’ Rollercoaster, this coaster will be more of a family ride that appeals to all park visitors.  The ride would be on the track, but the cart itself would be on swinging hinges to simulate a swinging mine car.  Although, there aren’t any speculations yet of a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opening in the Disneyland Resort, many successful rides at Disney World open in the Disneyland Resort, such as Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Goofy’s Sky School.

A sketch of the indoor part of the ride.

The ride will pass by water, rocks, and it will feature special effects in the indoor-part of the ride. The indoor part will have music from the famous movie; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

For 2 interesting videos on construction and released animation by the park, see below.


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