Throwback Thursday–Spellbreaker (Legoland CA)

lego5Spellbreaker was a Caripro Batflyer model coaster that was located at Legoland California from 2000 until 2003.  The ride featured duel tracks, and a single car ride vehicle allowing 2 riders to sit, one in front, one in back.  At maximum capacity, the ride could hold 5 vehicles on each track.  The smaller cars lead to the snails pace capacity of only 400 riders per minute.  Riders loaded, and then had their vehicle loaded into its unique elevator lift system.  The lift took riders up four stories, before being released on the single rail track, and then were in for a “swinging” good time, literally.  The ride would make turn after swinging turn over the green hills surrounding the park before hitting a break run, signifying the end of the ride.lego43

The single rail track allowed for the dual track coaster, with only one set of supports between the two tracks.  The closest operating ride that this could be compared to in California would be Ninja (Six Flags Magic Mountain), however, unlike Ninja, this offered a more free swinging experience.  The ride closed in 2003, and sat SBNO for a year before its demolishing in the end of 2004.  This ride had a very short lived life, but received very good reviews, and is Caripro’s most popular coaster model, opening two more after Spellbreaker opening, and before their disappearance in 2004.  Since, Premier Rides has produced similar suspended coasters, and it is believed that Premier possibly purchased the design from Caripro.  The best example of this was Soak’d at Freestyle Music Park.

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