Throwback Thursday–Sierra Twist and Yosemite Sam’s Sierra Falls

For this weeks flat ride edition of Throwback Thursday, we chose to focus on 2 of the more modern flat rides that were removed from the park rather recently.


In the area where Wonderful Pistachios Park sits today, stood a ride called Sierra Twist.  The ride opened with the park in 1973 as Swiss Twist.  It was a Schwarzkopf built Bayern Kurve model.  The ride was built with an inclined oval track in which a group of connected 1 person cars sat on.  An giant arm attached to the middle car, and would propel the riders quickly both forward and backward.  The ride changed its name in 1993, and closed 14 years later in 2007.  sierra twist

Located where Road Runner Express sits today sat Yosemite Sam’s Sierra Falls. sfmm_road_runner_express_3

This ride was similar to water slides in Hurricane Harbor, but instead of riding down on your body or in a tube, you rode in a 2 person raft with your clothes on.  The ride was built by White Water West in 1993 and closed in 2009.

sierra falls

4 Replies to “Throwback Thursday–Sierra Twist and Yosemite Sam’s Sierra Falls”

    1. Agreed. That was a fun ride, but got very expensive to maintain because of it’s age. The park should have replaced it with another flat ride, not a ‘park’. We hope to see more flats coming to the mountain soon!

  1. Yes they need flats and shows they have enough coasters now I never thought in the 90’s they would have as many as they have today

    1. They really do, and since they are 2 coasters ahead of Cedar Point this summer, they should focus on a different kind of ‘capital expansion’, with the addition of 15 new flatrides throughout the park. Together with a Scream! make over and a bunch of repaints, the mountain will look better than ever before!

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