Throwback Thursday–iWerks 4D Theater (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Due to our recent visit to California’s Great America, we fell in love with the Action 4D Theater, featuring characters from the film Happy Feet.  With our recent interview with Captain Lee we asked him about the 4D theater at Discovery Kingdom, known as the iWerks 4D Theater, and if it would re-open soon, however the answer showed that he knew just as little as we did about this attraction’s re-opening.  For those of you who didn’t experience this attraction before its closing in 2008, the theater held 7 different films, and has also been known as the DinoSphere and the Stargate.  The theater opened in 1997, and was one of the last attractions to open in Marine World Africa USA, by Premier Parks.  It was only a 3D theater when it opened and was maintained that way throughout the change to a Six Flags park.  Then, during the 2007 season, the theater was updated to be a 4D theater.  Moving seats that also had the compatibility to water affects were added.  Unfortunately, this would turn out to be the demise of the attraction, because, after one season of operation, it was closed due to high maintenance costs.  Today, as we were told by Captain Lee, the theater maintains intact, and able to show 4D films, however it is used as storage for events such as Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park.


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