Throwback Thursday–Hurricane @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Hurricane roller coaster santa cruzHurricane was Santa Cruz’s 2nd steel coaster built, and although somewhat compact at only 58 ft tall and 1430 ft long, it packed a powerful punch.  The ride threw riders at a monstrous 4.5 G’s, the same amount of force that the much larger coaster, Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom gives to riders.  The ride is made by SDC and shares a name with the model it is.hurricane 2

There are only 2 SDC Hurricane models existing in the world, one at Adventureland in New York (the park the movie Adventureland was based off of), and at Western Playland in New Mexico (moved from Santa Cruz in 2012).  The ride begins with a 60 ft lift hill leading to a turn and then a banked drop.  It then hits a bunny hill followed by a banked turn.  Next comes the rides largest decent, a 35 ft drop followed by a brake, before the coasters signature move.  The ride banks tightly over the right, and then drops in full circle and ends up on the other side, to make a full banked circle in the track.

hurricane 3

The coaster then finished with a series of turns and hills at its base, winding through the track supports.


The ride has now been moved to New Mexico and will be replaced by Undertow: Northern California’s only spinning coaster (stay tuned for an article).

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  1. There are other coasters with the same layout other than the other hurricane. Example of one is the roller coaster at Glenwood adventure Park in Colorado.

    1. Though from S.D.C, and we’re talking about their Hurricane Model, there are only 2 still existing ones out there. Whether or not the layout is the same on other coasters, we’re not stating. Many coasters have similar or the same layout as other coasters, though their manufacturers might differ. Sorry for the confusion!

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