Throwback Thursday–Condor and Z-Force

Condor was a 105 ft tall Huss Condor model flat ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  It only operated for 1 year plus between 1988 and 1989.  It was located where Viper is today in the Baja Ridge section of the park.  The ride started like a scrambler, except, the cars tilted outwards.  Then the ride climbed up the 105 ft pole in its center.  As great as that sounds, it got very poor reviews, and thus only operated for  about 1 year.  The ride moved to La Ronde for a year, before finding its final home at Six Flags Great America.


Z-Force was an Intamin Looping Starship Model that opened in 1987 where Batman stands today.  The ride was similar to Buccaneer, except, the ride completely inverted twice.  It was designed to look like a fighter jet, and with it came a complete retheming of the area known as the Backstreet (now DC Universe).  Electric Rainbow (now Wonder Woman) was rethemed to be Turbo, Himalaya (now Flash) was rethemed to be Subway, and Enterprise (defunct) was rethemed to be Reactor.  The Backstreet later began staying open 2 hours later than the rest of the park, mainly for a hangout for SCV locals, especially do to the dance club located there called After Hours, but this didn’t last very long.  Z-Force closed to the sad public in 1993, but a year later, Batman the Ride would cheer them up, taking its place.


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  1. Hello… love the site but wanted to share a correction as to where Condor was actually located. After Balle De Las Flores was removed Condor was erected in its place… where Panda Express is located today. As you noted in your article Condor only lasted one season. In talking with the a former ride technician (Jim Ward- who lives down the street from me and contributes to our site) his team worked on Condor mentioning it was a headache like the Galaxy to keep that attraction running… it was down more than it was up causing poor attendance making the ride unpopular. It look beautiful at night when it was running lighted in bright colors, luckily we had an opportunity to ride it before its removal the following season.

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