Throwback Thursday #11 Log Jammer

For this Throwback Thursday we’ll be looking at a ride that is missed A LOT, Log Jammer.


Log Jammer used to be one of the most popular rides at SFMM, it was great for the heat, and it was a long log flume through nature, with good variety of elements, basically everyone loved Log Jammer. But, in the winter of 2011/2012 the ride stood there with out a sign of it being closed, but then, right before it normally re-opened, a sign appeared saying it was closed for ‘future enjoyment’. No one knew what was happening at this point ’til they started to demolish the ride halfway through the 2012 season. It wasn’t ’til August of 2012 that the park had officially given a reason for the ride to have been demolished. They announced the record breaker Full Throttle to be placed in the former spot of Log Jammer for the 2013 Season.

Part of the layout seen from an older picture, where trees hadn't grown over it yet.
Part of the layout seen from an older picture, where trees hadn’t grown over it yet.

Log Jammer had 2 lift hills and 3 drops. This was possible because of Log Jammer’s layout that was based off of the mountainous terrain. Log Jammer left the station and traveled through an s-bend. It then began its first lift hill. After a small dip, the flume made several right turns. After a straight piece of track, the flume then made another s-curve. After several bends it then climbed its 2nd lift hill. After the lift, Log Jammer went through several turns, then it went down a medium sized drop. Then after more bends the flume went down its largest drop into a small lake, before returning to the station. In this small lake it took about 30 seconds to return to the station, but the park had placed sprinklers along the way, so visitors could pay little to soak the riders all over again, while standing at the side. Log Jammer had a dual station but used only one side of it in the last year or so of operation. Log jammer was the biggest water ride the park ever had, and opened with the park in May of 1971. Due to the amounts of attention, maintenance wise, it required, Log Jammer was always closed in the off-season for maintenance. It ran during Fright Fests, but closed around 6PM, an hour before the line was used as a Fright Fest maze. The maze that had been in the building while the ride was still operating was ‘Warehous 13’, when the ride had been removed, the line was transformed to a larger maze, ‘Blackout’ for the 2012 Fright Fest. Log Jammes old station/waiting-line has been transformed into a maintenance building for Full Throttle that opened 2.5 months ago.

This was the point where it had splashed into the small lake and returned to the station, this is also where the sprinklers were located, and guests standing on the side sprayed the riders in the boats.

Log Jammer will be missed by many, and speculations are that SFMM will build a new water ride in the future, but probably not in 2014, after seeing the Six Flags 2014 announcements.

The station was a dual station, rather than a rotating platform like Jet Stream has.
The station was a dual station, rather than a rotating platform like Jet Stream has.

Full Throttle is a great new ride and the park has used the space well, including the former Metro tunnel. Check it out if you haven’t done so yet.


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