The Secret of Freedom Seats

This article might be directed mostly towards Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but it will also discuss the possibilities for Six Flags as an overall corporation. ‘Freedom Seats’ is the nickname of the revised version of the Vekoma Inverted Family styled trains, for their SLC. These new trains do wonders to a otherwise painful ride.

‘Vekoma rides has recently designed new trains with the new modular seat design, with a special integrated vest, replacing the over-the-shoulder restraint, for a secure, comfortable and unrestrained feeling. Independent steering wheel bogies were included to offer a smoother ride and to lessen wear to increase the ride’s durability.’

These ‘vests’ trains are very similar to the already mentioned Family Inverts by Vekoma. We have been on one in Germany, Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer at Moviepark to be exact, and the seats are very comfortable, and easy to board. The restrains are even easier since they are lap-bars similar to the lap-bars on Lex Luthor and SkyRush. Thus making the dispatch times quick.img_1448-custom

The only clear difference between the trains shown above and the actual SLC Freedom Seats, would be the additional vest in the restraint. These vests would be similar to the vests on the other MK1212 trains that have been installed on Vekoma Boomerangs and MK1200 rides. We’ve been on the Speed of Sound boomerang at Walibi Holland, and we’ve never enjoyed a Boomerang that much before! Carolina Cobra and multiple other Vekoma’s out there run these trains, such as Python in Efteling, and Corkscrew at Genting Theme Park.Young adults (11)

Fly – The Great Nor’Easter at Morey’s Pier received these trains in 2008. The reviews were insanely positive, and many riders found this one of the best inverted coasters out there. Which hardly surprises us since the layout is intense and quick, but the headbanging takes away from the experience. All this can be easily prevented by installing these new Vekoma trains, as proven. Walibi Holland’s El Condor has done some tests with the new trains, and although it has never been confirmed, it wouldn’t surprise us if it were to re-open with the new trains for the 2014 season. This especially since the first ever Vekoma SLC is currently being repainted, and is undergoing a major refurbishment.wildwood2008_03

It would be very beneficial to any park out there with an SLC to install these trains to minimize the complaints, and maximize operations, guest satisfaction, and duration of track. The trains are lighter and thus roll along the track more smoothly. Even if the train were to shake heavily on older SLCs, it would hardly be noticed by guests due to the vests preventing any headbanging. We thus personally believe that Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom could definitely use these, although it’s one of the smoother SLCs out there. It would increase lines, and make the ride popular, which we believe would be a wonderful and cheap investment to make.20130705_134248

This could then be done throughout the entire Six Flags chain. That would be a total purchase of 10 new Vekoma SLC trains that will likely come with discount, knowing Vekoma and big orders, and would improve the overall standard of thrilling entertainment. We think it’s a more rational idea than many people believe, because if Six Flags New England can purchase a new train for Goliath (former Deja Vu at SFMM), then why no new Mind Eraser trains? Goliath didn’t really need one, knowing the reviews and ride experience of Mind Eraser, ME definitely deserved new trains. We believe that Six Flags could show off these rides, and make them among the most popular rides. The trains could be very detailed, and could say ‘Six Flags’ in 3D, like the Efteling did with their name on the new Vekoma trains. That would be 2 red with orange and brown trains for LaRonde’s Ednor L’Attaque, 2 purple with blue and yellow trains for Batman at Six Flags Mexico, 2 orange and yellow, or perhaps green for the jungle theme, trains for Kong at our CA Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 2 red or blue trains for Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England (would work with a new repaint that it needs), and finally 2 yellow or orange trains for the Mind Eraser at Six Flags America.

Comment your thoughts of train colors, additional theming, and any other thoughts below!

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