The NEED for a repaint TOP 10

Before we publish a very exciting interview related to this topic, we’ll post a quick list of the CA coasters that need a repaint most badly. The top 10 below is our opinion, though many would agree. If you don’t agree, please comment your top 10 below the article!

10.  Jaguar!20131116_123733

9.  Montezooma’s Revenge20131116_123727

8. Goliath – Hard to see, but Goliath is starting to fade a lot, additionally, there are oil marks to be found everywhere, thus part of the structure has black specks. 20131020_151817

7.  Riddler’s Revenge20131103_151108

6. Journey to Atlantisf21a0395-e066-47f4-a774-e7e698d09494

5. Kong20140101_103238

4. Viper20130922_144216

3. Vortexphoto (71)

2. Tatsu20131208_115628

1. Scream! – Needs one very badly. Read our ‘4 ways to bring Scream! back to life’ article here.20130731_111947


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