The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk area of Knott’s Berry Farm used to house Perilous Plunge, which closed on September 3, 2012. On October 22, 2012 Cedar Fair Entertainment Company filed a trademark for Coast Rider . Knott’s Berry Farm officially announced Coast Rider and two other rides on November 1, 2012. These 2 other rides together with the Mack Wild Mouse were to open in the Spring of 2013.


The ride opened up along with the rest of the brand new boardwalk on May 25, 2013

For the new expansion the Boardwalk area of the park was given a little face lift. Rides that already operated in the area such as Boomerang, Riptide, Sky Cabin, Supreme Scream, Wipe-out, and Xcelerator, are still part of the new Boardwalk. Boomerang, which is connected to the new part of the Boardwalk received a paint-job in the beginning of the season to fit the new, fresh area.

The new rides include;

  • Pacific Scrambler: originally opened in 1989 as Whirlpool, and had lots of location throughout the park. It’s classic scrambler carnival ride originally housed inside a building which included ‘undersea’ murals on the walls, a music soundtrack, and concert style lighting effects. It was change renamed “Headspin” and moved in 1999 location at the outdoor under the Windjammer Surf Racers with the re-theming formerly the Roaring 20’s to The Boardwalk area and Whirlpool building demolished to make room for the Perilous Plunge open in 2000. In July 2001 Headspin is changed renamed Wilderness Scrambler and moved again to the location at the Wild Water Wilderness area after Windjammer Surf Racers is demolished and to make room for the Xcelerator in 2002. It was removed in 2007 to make room for Pony Express roller coaster in 2008 but the Scrambler been storage in the maintenance building. The Wilderness Scrambler is renamed Pacific Scrambler and return to near its original “Whirlpool” location.
  • Surfside Gliders: A swing ride where riders are able to steer a little deciding what way they want to swing. It has a height of 28 feet.
  • Coast Rider: A steel wild mouse roller coaster. The ride’s layout is on the former site of Perilous Plunge. Coast Rider is a Mack Wild Mouse (for larger parks), that has a track length of 1,339 ft., and is 52 ft. tall. The track is yellow, and is supported by white supports.

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