Coaster Kings Radio – Cedar Point vs. Kings Island

We’re on the second episode of the new season! After a quick conversation about the Jurassic World coaster and Waldameer, we discuss two highly popular Cedar Fair parks and how they compare. This time we based our discussions on Instagram polls and the results. Let’s see if we agree with our followers! Continue reading “Coaster Kings Radio – Cedar Point vs. Kings Island”

Coaster Kings Radio – Season 2 – Episode 10 – Please Wear Your Mask

HA! Lockdown was tough, and though the United States is running behind on getting this under control, some parks have reopened across the states, and other continents! Join us for a new season, and a new way of visiting parks. Friendly reminder to wear your mask. Continue reading “Coaster Kings Radio – Season 2 – Episode 10 – Please Wear Your Mask”

Coaster Kings Radio Episode 2: The Grand Opening

Our second episode is now live of our pretty new podcast: Coaster Kings Radio! In this episode we make a nice overview of all the big coasters coming in 2019 to California, Florida, Europe and beyond. Who’s ready for a ride in Untamed, Hakugei, Maxx Force, Tigris, Hagrid’s…? Oh, and we also talk about the new Gwazi news and lots more.

You can choose to download or listen to the podcast below, right here on the website, or on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Podcasts. Make sure to search for “Coaster Kings Radio” and subscribe!