Europa Park- September 2020

We recently visited Europa Park, one of the most famous theme parks in the world. The park is considered the best theme park in the world by some enthusiasts. This report will focus on a collection of the best things to do and see at this diverse park. Of course, we will go into detail on the coasters they have on offer too!

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Highlander at Hansa-Park – The World’s Highest Gyro Drop Tower

Hold on tight cause you’re about to drop deep in Hansa-Park! The German theme park is going high once more after the construction of Schwur des Kärnan, one of Europe’s highest coasters. This time, it’s a thrill ride and not just any: Highlander! Continue reading “Highlander at Hansa-Park – The World’s Highest Gyro Drop Tower”

Phantasialand – Klugheim Event: Taron and Raik

Sven: Hold on to your horses everyone. Yesterday one of the most anticipated new themed areas in Europe finally opened. Klugheim at Phantasialand is the medieval themed area with beautifully themed rock work, a cozy village style and most importantly: two new coasters! Are you ready for Raik and Taron? Continue reading “Phantasialand – Klugheim Event: Taron and Raik”