Super Poll Sunday – The Battle of the Three California B&M Inverts

sps-2016-thumbnail001-largeWe’re back with SUPER POLL SUNDAYS! Today we let readers vote for the best Inverted Coaster by B&M, in California! Do you think Flight Deck, Batman: The Ride, or Silver Bullet is best? VOTE! It’s been a while since we launched a Super Poll Sunday, and therefore some readers may be unfamiliar with this series. We’re excited to reintroduce the series, so read on and VOTE! 😀 

This is a question we’ve asked countless many times and readers across our Social Media platforms always seem very opinionated. Let’s see which of the three gets the most votes! First we’re discussing the three coasters for those who are interested. If you have you’re ready to vote, scroll to the bottom of the post. 

Flight Deck

Flight Deck opened in 1993 as Top Gun at Paramount’s Great America. The park has since been renamed to Great America in 2007 and California’s Great America in 2008. The ride’s Top Gun licencing dropped in 2007 and the ride became Flight Deck for the 2008 Season. It’s always been one of the most popular rides in the park, and in 2014 to commemorate the Levi’s Stadium being built next to the park, the ride was repainted to be red and grey, rather than jet black.

Flight Deck features three inversions: a Vertical Loop, a Zero-G-Roll and a Corkscrew over the water. The ride also features a 91 feet drop to reach a top speed of 50 MPH. The ride’s highlight is considered to be the finale helix over a natural body of water. Flight Deck stands 102 feet tall and has a total track-length of 2,260 feet.20160905_183137-medium

Batman: The Ride

Built a year after Flight Deck, Batman: The Ride opened in 1994 as part of the new Gotham City section of Six Flags Magic Mountain. This was the third Batman clone to be built. The ride’s track was grey and was accompanied by very dark purple supports. In 2010, a year before the conversion from Gotham City to DC Universe, the ride was repainted to feature blue track and black supports.

Batman: The Ride, like any other B&M Batman clone, has five inversions: An 88 feet tall Vertical Loop followed by a Zero-G-Roll followed by a 77 feet tall Vertical loop, and then two corkscrews. The ride’s top speed is 50 MPH, and features high-speed transitions and an intense helix, mid-ride. Batman: The Ride stands 105 feet tall and is 2,700 feet long. batmanedit001-medium

Silver Bullet

The biggest B&M Inverted Coaster in California is also significantly newer. Having opened in 2004, 10 years after Batman: The Ride, this Inverted Coaster has a new-generation feel to it. The ride is spread out and located near the front of Knott’s Berry Farm. The ride was introduced by Cedar Fair as one of the three big coaster coasters that would enhance Knott’s Berry Farm’s lineup. The other two being GhostRider and Xcelerator.

Silver Bullet features many elements, including six inversions: A 105 feet tall Vertical Loop, a Cobra Roll, a Zero-G-Roll, and two Corkscrews. The ride’s first drop is considered to be one of the weakest on an inverted coaster and is 109 feet tall. The ride’s highlight elements are often considered to be the huge over-banked turn between the Vertical Loop and the Cobra Roll, as well as the double Helix over the park’s lake. Silver Bullet stands 147 feet tall, has a total track-length of 3,125 feet and reaches speeds up to 55 MPH. 20160825_153840 (Medium)


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