Special Saturday–Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Although the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is considered a nostalgic park, being open since 1907, the park contains more thrills than many are lead to believe.  The park contains 33 rides and has a 34th on the way.  Along with its classics such as their carrousel or Ferris wheel, the park contains 6 rides classified by the park as thrilling.  The following is a list of these considered thrilling rides, as well as a description of their new coaster, Undertow.

The Giant Dipper: The parks original wooden coaster, opened in 1924, which features a 65ft drop, a maximum speed of 55mph, and is exactly a half mile long.giant-dipper-HXpc

Undertow: The parks new coaster, still under construction, built by Maurer Sohne, which is a wild mouse coaster that spins 360 degrees while riders are on the track.  The cars are set up so that 4 riders sit back to back 2 and 2.  The ride has a maximum height of 50ft and a maximum speed of 40mph, and will be Northern California’s only spinning coaster.

Double Shot: An 125ft tall S&S launch tower that launches riders up at 35mph, to not only a thrilling ride, but also a great view of Santa Cruz Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Fireball: A ride similar to a Pirate Ship ride, but has riders spinning around, similar to La Revolucion at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Wipeout: A wipeout model created by Chance rides in which a circular vehicle spins and then angles itself, the same as Wipeout at Knott’s Berry Farm.


Cliff Hanger: A ride that is a carousel of hang gliding simulators in which riders lay as it angles up and down.



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