Special Saturday–Belmont Park

Belmont Park in San Diego, California is a state landmark.  Even though it only has one coaster, and at its maximum only held three, it remains to be one of California’s most famous boardwalks.  The park houses a wide variety of rides and many other attractions, including a flow rider, a miniature golf course, and a laser tag complex.  The ride formerly held both a wooden kiddie coaster and a wooden wild mouse coaster, but both closed in the late 70’s.  The following is a list of the multiple thrill rides they have in the park.  The park also features a bumper car ride, a kiddie bouncing tower, a tilt a whirl, and a carrousel.

Big Dipper: The parks iconic attraction that is one of California’s original coasters alongside Big Dipper in Santa Cruz, that was restored in 1990 so riders could enjoy all of the rides drops, turns, and straightaways at optimum performance.


Beach Blaster: A ride similar to Knott’s Berry Farm’s La Revalucion, which swings riders up 60 ft in the air at a 120 degree angle in both directions.


Control Freak: A ride in which the rider controls when his car goes up, down, and upside down.


Octotron: Another rider controlled ride in which the ride goes along a track as the rider controls how fast and which way their car goes which is the first and only of its kind in California.



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