Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park Opening Day

Yesterday was the first day of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park. Seeing the park’s full-production of the event was amazing. I got to see a lot during the preview I was invited to on Tuesday.

Real quick, before looking at the opening night, RMC didn’t take a break at all it seems. More of the steel beams they’re installing to add the track for the drop, and to add the chain-lift, have been placed.20141128_155500 (Large) 20141128_155636 (Large)

The Holiday Cheer Carolers perform in Holiday Square at the entrance of the park. They also carol after the park is closed, as guests exit. Which is cool!20141128_160842 (Large) Guests are able to take pictured with the Looney Tunes upon arrival.20141128_160909 (Large) Artsy Holiday in the Park and Full Throttle shot. 😀20141128_163558 (Large) Snowy Nights features DJ Nel and Ricky Rocks, as well as the Tinsel Toy Dancers. It’s a quality production, just like Full Throttle Nights and Voodoo Nights! The band that plays at the Full Throttle stage, going by Velocity during Full Throttle Nights, also performs I just happen to forget the name they play under during Snowy Nights… The show is high energy, but it really suits the park’s take on their Holiday event. The stage also features snow machines, which I tried to capture in the picture below. You’ll have to look for it. Though I did time the shot with Full Throttle hanging in the loop!20141128_161839 (Large) I’m still loving the Christmas trees that change colors within less than a second, synchronized with the music on stage! 20141128_184109 (Large) This was the first time I saw the Full Throttle Sports Bar lit up for Holiday in the Park, I really liked the look of it!20141128_184030 (Large) Up in Winter Wonderland, Mrs. Claus Crafts Fair was quite popular, even at 7 at night. It looked well decorated, and there was a good mood overall.20141128_191137 (Large)Santa’s Workshop was awesome! Now everything came together for opening night, I realized how much effort mus have gone into the set, the inside of the ‘Workshop’ looked very neat as well. 20141128_191142 (Large) 20141128_191148 (Large) Obviously I didn’t get a chance to try out all foods, or even close to all foods. But in the next couple of weeks, as I will spend lots of time here, I will try as much as I can. They have a refill-able mug for Hot Beverages. With free-refills on the day of purchase. WHICH IS A REALLY GOOD DEAL. If you get a mug for $6.99, and you get some refills throughout the day, it’s of great value if you think of regular beverages costing almost $5.  20141128_183343 (Large) Something really cool, Tamales and Champurrado are sold at Food Etc. 20141128_183329 (Large)I tried the Holiday Wing Sauce wings at high Octane Wings at Full Throttle Plaza, and it was brilliant. For those with a Dining Pass, it’s on the Dining Pass, so try it out this Holiday in the Park Season!20141128_161535 (Large) Look! It’s Wonder Woman at the Tree of Heroes!20141128_173730 (Large) 20141128_173622 (Large) I do think that $2 is a bit pricey of these glasses. But if you’re with multiple people, chip in and buy a few, because these Holiday in the Park viewing glasses are awesome! Each has their own theme, Santa, Frosty (Snowman), or Snowflake, and when you put the goggles on, every light you look will look like the theme of your goggle. Cool thing, it’s very entertaining. 20141128_171332 (Large) I then went on to see all 3 the Rockin’ Universe shows! LOVE IT! I saw the first one at the preview, and I stayed to watch all 3 last night. The first and third are the best.

This picture is from show #2.20141128_180145 (Large) This picture is from show #3.20141128_181640 (Large)

Show #2 again;20141128_180128 (Large) 20141128_173928 (Large)

And another shot of show #3. 20141128_180258 (Large)

Pictures of the first Rockin’ Universe show, as well as Winter Wonderland and Holiday Square can be found in the preview post!

I’ve only discussed a small part of Holiday in the Park, and that’s what was significantly different from the preview. Please check out our my HUGE Holiday in the Park preview post by clicking here, for all the other amazing pictures of this amazing event!

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