Six Flags Magic Mountain / West Coast Racers Update 10/25/19

West Coast Racers

One of the best ways to get a sneak peak of “The Underground” is to visit the park during fright fest because they have a portion of the area open. The new artwork as you enter the area looks phenomenal.

The new paint job on Snack Trax looks stellar and offers a  variety of assorted snacks. Looking just above the building West Coast Racers demands to be seen. Unfortunately, we will not have this view for long as the new safety nets will be installed to keep loose articles from falling on off-ride guests passing by.

Seriously, I took as many shots as I could because the safety nets will also extend to this side of the second elements of the coaster. Just writing this makes it  hard to believe that we are able to report on minor details that still need to be in place vs major contruction.

Which means we are getting closer to the finish line indeed. Ironically, the second and fourth launches have received both exterior walls. It would be great to see some more theming or even speakers to increase the on ride experience.

Apocalypse:The Ride’s trains will soon be joined by the beautiful new West Coast Racers trains. The park has revealed the train designs, which can be found here. I can not wait for the optics of getting all three trains in this image.

It is great to see that there is already new life and energy in the new land. Sling Shot was another attraction open during this visit.

Looking at the other section of “The Underground,” majority of the area has been paved. The buildings have all received an amazing paint job and new plants have been installed. Looking at the concept art it is a bit misleading but hopefully there will be more trees planted in the future. The new bathrooms are complete and the sign for the new Twin Charge Tacos is in place. If you all know me I love tacos and I cannot wait to see the variety of tacos on the menu.

In just about a month from our last update, we see that the entire circuit has been completed and work has progressed tremendously on the station. As of now, it does not look like the transfer track will be covered.

You can already make out how the facades that will resemble the West Coast Customs auto body shop. It is nice to see that the park is installing a full station.

From this angle we see that guest will exit down the stairs between the tracks. We are excited to see what technology will be incorporated in the “pit stop” section of the ride. This is the section where the train will wait just before the third launch until the newly loaded train is ready for a race so that they duel every time.

At the other entrance of the land, the West Coast Racers preview center has received a new paint job and is permanently closed. The retail items inside were seen to be boxed and may be shipped to another location in the park.  At the moment we are not sure if this will become the gift shop after leaving West Coast Racers or return as another themed attraction with-in the land. We could see it hosting a possible museum of some sort with popular West Coast Custom memorabilia.

The midway has been repainted and looks great. We are proud of the park taking the time to beautify the surrounding areas as it will add to the experience of being in “The Underground” It was a genius move to make the coaster immerse you in the area.

That is going to do it for this update. Be sure to check our our recent HB World and Iron Gwazi update. Until next time Coaster Royalty!

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