Six Flags Magic Mountain Update- West Coast Racers – Mid-September 2018

Derrion:  When life gives me lemons, I ride roller coasters. What better way to do this than by stopping by one of my favorite amusement parks: Six Flags Magic Mountain. I am happy I did because Fright Fest begins in a few days! This update will feature  last minute Fright Fest preparations, general park changes, along with the current status of the West Coast Racers construction sight!

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Fright Fest

Last week we were greeted by demons at the entrance of the returning scare zone Demon’s Door. It is said that the zone will draw from the depths of Hell. The vehicle below is a clear sign that spirits have now taken over. 

The main plaza is  home to the dark spirits, be sure to check out the added decor to the trees. These black-light inspired additions will give the zone a more immersive persona. After all trees are a part of the living too! 

It’s as though all of the plants in the park are coming back for revenge. Check out the newly added mushrooms to one of our favorite scare zones just below The New Revolution, Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy.

The props are so amazing in this area and beautifully camouflaged. By adding fog, lighting, and scare actors to the zone, this might be one area that gets you caught in the web of your nightmares.

This new addition will be at the entrance to Willoughby’s Resurrected. The tower which features the name of the Willoughby estate stands at an impressive 20 feet tall and with a skeleton perched gloomily on top of the pillar.

The Willoughby’s Resurrected maze entrance will be perfectly lit by the new lighting that has been installed near the Helpful Honda Express. When night falls,  lighting is extremely important because it will set the mood for the scare zones and event throughout the park.

Lighting equipment can now be seen all throughout the Exile Hill scare zone. This zone will take place during Fright Fest  on Samurai Summit, along with the mazes Willoughby’s Resurrected  and new this year: Sewer of Souls.

The Sewer of Souls Maze sign has been added. This will be very interesting to see as the maze is aesthetically pleasing.

To the left of the front of the building will be the maze entrance. We were speculating this would be the case as with previous years, however it would have been cool to enter through the Sewer in the front.

The exit will be just to the right of the maze.

As soon as you exit Exhile Hill the Witches Lair proudly awaits you. One of the two new scare zones in the park, this will prove to be more of the heart thrilling additions.

The trees that were added to this area seem to make the cauldrons pop that much more. This scene will be great to see with addition of actors as they bring their spells to life. 

At the entrance of DC Universe the first vehicle has appeared for the  scarezone City Under Siege .  This car wreck won’t  be the only thing returning to this zone. It will include comic-book like characters that roam the city.

Each scare zone in this section of the park is perfectly placed to keep the level of terror well above average. The iconic Terrortory Twisted entrance welcomes guest into an alternate reality. 

Where spiders are not just spiders, but mechanical creatures  from our past. This spider  seems to have lost  more than limbs over the years and gained cynical adaptations.

The Gearworks Theatre has also received new lighting effects that will aid in projection mapping . Six Flags Magic Mountain has done a great job with the building maintenance which will make the projection mapping that more exquisite.

This is the largest scare zone in the park and includes many props that contain many skeletons. The detail to all of the props in the park is outstanding . Shout out to the creative team!

On the opposite side of the park in Cyclone Bay a deserted police car has appeared. This vehicle is at the entrance of another returning maze , After Math 2: Chaos Rising. 

Park Update

Speaking of deserted, Apocalypse is a rather perfect theme for the upcoming Fright Fest. Apocalypse:The Ride however , unfortunately will be  down due to scheduled refurbishment/re- theme.

This will mark the third re-theme and second re-tracking in the rides history since 2009. In 2011 , this GCI was changed from Terminator Salvation: The Ride to Apocalypse: The Ride.  There is still no word on the new name of this attraction.

Viper was still down due to scheduled refurbishment. The ride has been down for a couple of weeks and is extremely missed. This ride is the only original  “seven-looper” rollercoaster still in operation manufactured by Arrow Dynamics.

Even though we miss those intense inversions on Viper, Scream also contains seven inversions. Scream has always been one of my favorites as it still boasts a one-of-a kind floor less train design.

Last week we saw progress on the new building to the left of Johnny Rockets. This building will allow guest to easily access refreshments and condiments .

The new dining terrace just behind Johnny Rockets Is now open for guest. The area itself is completely surrounded by gates, which makes this popular burger stand feel more like an outdoor restaurant. 

The area is well covered and will protect guest from the sun while they dine. There were  plenty of dining tables in this location which will make it easier to find a spot to eat.

The dining area connects directly with the concessions building . There is an entrance point leading to it just to the right of the restaraunt and far right of the dining area.

The boardwalk area also received new tables that extend all the way down to the entrance of Crazanity. Seating will not be a problem in this area and is  perfect for viewing   Crazanity  which is very aesthically pleasing.

New merchandise has appeared at the Studio 6F store. It is tailored to the upcoming 2019 attraction West Coast Racers. Details on the construction update next.

Details on the construction update for West Coast Racers next!

West Coast Racers Construction

It has been two weeks since this Premier Rides  attractions was announced and construction is progressing quickly. There were two bulldozers on site to aid in landscaping and clearing ground for the new station.

A closer look at the site where the bulldozers are and you will notice that a large whole has appeared in the ground covered by two metal gates. This will support the  pit stop section of the ride . The markers in the photo below are for support footer  and these lead into the pit stop.

On the right side of the construction site, concrete continues to be removed. This area  will serve for the new station and queue line.

More markers have appeared next to the Cyclone 500 racetrack.

At this point the amount of support structures that will tower over this area is unbelievable . These new markers will be used when the trains cross the midway back into the stations.

The markers on the race track  will be used to support the helix’s of the track. The idea of  this beast towering over the track will surely add to attractions excitement as seen in the concept art below.

Additional markers can also be found across from the entrance of sling shot. These markers will have footers that will support the trains as they move into the airtime hills.

Towards the entrance of Cyclone Bay there were more additional markers. With so many new markers it is easy to lose track of how vast and amazingly engineered this attraction is for the park, as it truly is space efficient all while being incredibly intense!

Markers! Markers! I definitely can not wait to see the progression of them into to footers in this area. This section will support the right banked turn just before the coasters Zero-G Stall as shown in the construction art.

I hope you all are as excited as we are for West Coast Racers . Take a look at the view on this side of the hill it will not be this  way for long. As always thank you for reading, and we will be back in the next few days with Fright Fest coverage!

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