Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 4th

Alexander: A quick Magic Mountain update for you! Lots of little things to see!

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Greeting us today is the completed Lightning Falls. The view of the OG Hurricane Harbor slide complex is not currently obscured by tarps along the perimeter fence, making its striking orange much easier to see as people enter the parking lot. 

New entrance enhancements are complete as well!

The much-needed canopy for those queueing for the metal detectors looks great.

A small matching canopy for the side gates is also complete. 

Most rides were open on this quiet Friday, but Revolution is down for “routine annual maintenance.”

There’s some kind of thing set up for the entrance of DC Universe (and no, no signs of life at Green Lantern).

Major work is underway for the seating area that encircles Johnny Rockets.

The hard hat area now stretches all the way from 3-point challenge to the bathrooms next to Goldrusher.

Brick planters and berms are being shredded up and reconfigured to accommodate more seating (?).

The mish-mash of tables and chairs will hopefully soon be a thing of the past. 

A new soccer/darts game is now live next to Tidal Wave (or, at least, I think it’s new. the fencing in front of the pavilion that juts into the midway is hard to miss).

Something that we’d hoped we’d see by now is some real vertical construction on CrayZanity, but at this point it’s still just footers.

Meanwhile, reassembly of the refreshed Scrambler is nearing completion. 

Posts and cables for the new boat sail canopy over the ride are also in place, and can I just say how much I love the new paint on Scrambler’s vintage queue lattice? 

Bathroom work is also underway.

A repainted (?) marquee for the bathrooms is ready for install?

Again, I’m struggling to recall these little carts selling jewelry by Goldrusher, but they strike me as new, or at least refurbished.

Though a day of walk-ons for even some of Magic Mountain’s most popular coasters, Jet Stream enjoys a healthy 20min+ queue.

Nearly all of Jet Stream’s fleet were afloat

Shoutout to the Ninja crew for lightning-fast operations!

The 3rd car on Ninja is how I’m trying to live my life. 


The M&M stairs have been refreshed. 

Water fountains around the park have disappeared (hopefully for replacement) in Rapids Camp Crossing and Samurai Summit (and I think the ones by Goldrusher as well).

I wonder what the future holds for New/Classic Revolution.

The mist marquee thing by the carousel has been replaced with a new style of marquee. I expect more to pop up in the coming weeks.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year”

That concludes this week’s update! Fingers crossed for some vertical CrayZanity construction by next week!

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4 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 4th”

  1. * The lighting and truss set up in front of DC Universe is for one of Grad Night’s DJ / Dance areas. Lighting is also set up in front of Justice League.
    * The soccer darts game just opened this week.
    * Jewelry carts near Gold Rusher have been there.
    * Revolution is down for major unplanned lift work.
    * Viper is going down late summer (around August) to get a complete systems redo.
    * Rumors are there is a plan is to close Apocalypse and the rest of Cyclone Bay on June 1st to preparation for 2019. No, they aren’t demoing Apocalypse.

  2. “The M&M stairs have been refreshed.”

    Good! Nothing worse than melty M&Ms.

    All of the CraZanity parts are on site, I believe, so it shouldn’t be long till it starts going vertical. Haven’t they said opening is Summer? That’s only a month away.

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