Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 26th 2018 – CraZanity Testing!


LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! CRAZANITY TESTING! The presence of this new Zamperla Giant Discovery is awesome and it is such a nice fit for this side of the park. The ride swings an exceptionally 172 feet high into the sky, making it the world’s tallest pendulum swing ride. It’s almost unreal in person how high this thing gets. Before we take a closer look at CraZanity, let’s note the changes we have seen on Tidal Wave. The park did not repaint the lift hill structure, but it did repaint the flume at the end, which is a nice tone to match CraZanityThe station too has been repainted. I appreciate the park’s dedication of keeping the vegetation around this ride, some other areas of the park and attractions were not as fortunate.The lines for Tidal Wave were quite long on this hot summer day, and full boats make for…Awesome splash downs! One thing I did notice was the sheer amount of people that were confused on where entrance was. Many tried entering through the exit. There should be some sort of sign at the exit describing to people where the entrance of Tidal Wave is located. Jammin’ Bumepers is still undergoing the major refurbishment and will likely open alongside CraZanityHere’s the entrance to CraZanity, it is clear that there’s still quite some work to be done before the ride can open. There is a lot of new concrete around here. Hopefully the park will make efforts to heavily landscape the dirty covered areas. The ride certainly has a nice presence in this spot, and looks like the queue too will look clean. The colors of everything related to the Boardwalk project go together very well. The poles you see sticking out behind the queue will turn into a wall. Hopefully they’re replanting some trees behind it Here’s a closer look at the ride’s queue house. It’s basic, but offers great shade and honestly I am just obsessed with the colors they chose. I love it. CraZanity is slightly elevated which helps with making it look even taller. Also note the lights on the ride, I have yet to see it test in the dark, but CraZanity will be such a spectacular looking ride in the dark!Let’s show some love for these pictures of the ride testing! (Videos available on our Facebook page).The arms swings up to a degree close to 135 degrees, which allows for riders to see the park from upside down. Whoever has ridden any of these at other parks around the world, like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom or Kennywood knows exactly how awesome these rides are. The park has another tiny project under way across from CraZanity, though I am unsure what it is! The exit for the ride seems to be located here, though that may be the Flash Pass entrance, I am not entirely sure yet. MORE TESTING!Johnny Rockets is starting to look awesome as well. The building really needed the makeover, and it sure is looking fine. The sides of the building will now house a queue to better organize the customers and improve efficiency. Now let’s take a look at CraZanity from on top of the mountain! This will help you figure out how high up this ride actually swings! Now would be a great time to announce the opening date of CraZanity!Six Flags Magic Mountain announced today that CraZanity will be opening on July 13th! The Boardwalk is still under construction but everything is looking particularly nice. We’re really looking forward to the opening of CraZanityWe will wrap up this report with a few more quick notes. We still get asked daily if Green Lantern: First Flight has reopened, and again we share with you all that it is still closed with no sign of it reopening anytime soon. The park also suddenly has re-obsessed with advertising on rides, all of the Full Throttle Plaza should be renamed Chick-Fil-A Plaza or something. Full Chicken. Speaking of Full Throttle Plaza, the park has brought back Full Throttle Nights for it’s 6th year! I do like that they have activities all day long. Unfortunately Revolution remains closed as well. This too has been down for quite some time now. Too bad as summer season is in full swing and the park has 2 major coasters that are closed. Let’s finish in style, like these awesome new CraZanity shirts at the Six Flags Emporium!

Thanks for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain report! We have quite some updates, reports, and big news on the way, so stay tuned! For now, check out our Six Flags America Report, our last Six Flags Magic Mountain report taking a detailed look at Cyclone Bay as we know it, as well as our California’s Great America report!Make sure to follow us on our social media for exclusive coverage! FacebookTwitterInstagram

3 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 26th 2018 – CraZanity Testing!”

  1. Yeah I hate that the park is just becoming concrete but then again their not that good with keeping plants and trees trimmed so they probably figure what for to save money and not have to worry about it so pour more concrete

  2. I’m going to guess that we’ll find out what’s new for 2019 by late August. That seems to have become the normal announcement time for next year’s plans.

    A Cyclone Bay makeover makes perfect sense. Those buildings are 41 years old now and could stand some TCL. Apocalypse needs retracking badlv, and a new flat ride of some sort would work out.

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