Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 8th 2016

image1 (2) (Medium)It’s only been a few days, but by now most of our readers know we spend quite some time at Six Flags Magic Mountain. We’re back with a quick update, discussing Tidal Wave, Flash Pass, new Goliath advertisements, Apocalypse, and some more! 😀

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

After a very smooth ride on X2, we noticed this new Flash Pass tent on the way out. It appears that the same Flash Passes that are offered in general are sold here, for guests who may not want to brave such a huge line. Clever placement if you ask us. We all know how popular X2 can get, or how slow its line can move 😛20160708_113149 (Medium)

Tidal Wave remains closed for the time being. Rumors of its removal can most likely be put to rest at this point. The ride is being refurbished pretty extensively including the ride itself, new paint, and trimmed landscaping. In addition to which we’ve received word from the park some time back that it is indeed opening again soon. 20160708_125344 (Medium)

In Ninja’s queue. one of the Samurai themed paintings is gone. We’re unsure for what reason or if it’s even supposed to gone but we sure hope it gets replaced soon. That grimy wall is no pretty sight. In general the station just screams for a refurbishment. It’s so run down, you may as well think this is some back alley in Gotham… kidding… wrong ride.20160708_122318 (Medium)Speaking of Gotham… over at Batman refurbished Tidal Wave boats are stored outside.  20160708_132903 (Medium)

And inside the Batman queue lots of lights have been replaced with energy-efficient ones. 20160708_131329 (Medium)

Tatsu was running great today, we had a very smooth ride despite being in the back of the train, as it can sometimes rattle. In addition, both stations were being used with two trains, which is great to see. Hopefully Tatsu will continue to take advantage of it’s dual loading stations.image2 (2) (Medium)

Goliath has received another “theme”. Well, it got some ads. All throughout the line, there are posters and signs advertising some by the name of (Impractical) Jokers.  20160708_153532 (Medium)20160708_153536 (Medium) 20160708_153551 (Medium)

There are even more such signs throughout the stations, and one of the trains has been wrapped with the same sort of thing.20160708_154256 (Medium)20160708_154259 (Medium)

The New Revolutions was the only ride with crazy wait times today. We’ve discussed why it is such an issue and how to fix it before, and to reiterate, there should at least be a separate non-VR line like Six Flags Over Texas has. At least it’s a hit, although the ultra-slow dispatch times are not helping with the guest satisfaction. image1 (2) (Medium)

Superman: Escape from Krypton ran one side leading up until about 5:00 pm, before they surprisingly broke out the second train and ran both sides. Good to see both sides running during the summer.image3 (2) (Medium)

Apocalypse certainly looked pretty with the sun setting over it, but boy it sure didn’t ride pretty. 20160708_194450 (Medium)

There’s some more wood stored next to the ride that will be used to replace the structure of the coaster.20160708_194659 (Medium)

Despite the attempts made with the sprinklers, this ride is getting uncomfortably rough, which is really too bad. At this point something more drastic needs to be done. Total re-track would be useful. 20160708_195541 (Medium)

The drastic tree-removal project the park is currently undergoing really allows for you to see Ninja in its entirety. 20160708_192923 (Medium)

And all the surrounding rides such as Roughpocalypse, Jet Stream and Slingshot!20160708_185630 (Medium)

It does also provide a really cool view of Jet Stream and the surrounding hills. If you look at the left side of the picture you’ll note the tree-massacre. This is the view from the station.20160708_185214 (Medium)

And last but not least after recent incidents around the country including the Dallas shooting, the park’s six flags were half mast today. 20160708_183859 (Medium)

20160707_140637 (Medium)That was it for the quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update. Pony Express at Knott’s berry Farm has an extended closure and won’t reopen ’til later this month. If you’re interested in learning more, please click here. Check out our new Universal Studios Hollywood Update and Python Plunge opening report! As well as our previous Six Flags Magic Mountain Update from a few days ago!


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