Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 31, 2018

Alexander: Never a dull moment at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Changes to the 2019 project site are a near-daily occurrence! Join us for a quick new update.

– Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

Since it’s closed much of the year, we’re always delighted to see Hurricane Harbor operating in full swing. The orange Bonzai Pipelines slide reopened  after being closed for a little while. 

This trip we made a point of riding Viper! My love!

We were feeling brave and lines were quite short throughout the park, so we decided to give X2 a ride.

We just can’t get enough of the views of Viper from over here!

Viper’s yellow train is still going strong! I hope it never leaves us again (unless its for a fleet of Vekoma MK 1212s, of course). We’re hearing rumors of the ride receiving extensive refurbishment soon, but we don’t have any information to confirm that just yet. Would be nice though!

A rare photo of X2. Enjoy it.

…and back to Viper.

Plenty of Viper rumors have made their rounds in the last few years; we’re pleased to find that the ride is most likely here to stay!

I just couldn’t imagine Magic Mountain without it!

Speaking of rides I can’t live without, let’s say “hi” to Ninja!

Unobstructed views of Ninja can now be enjoyed thanks to the leveling of almost all buildings from the eastern half of Cyclone Bay.

The shop across from Cyclone 500 offers a prime view of the action.

We have a theory that this shop will become the “exit shop” for 2019 project! Can’t wait to see  what happens!

New this week, the old Thrill Shot entrance/exit area is now blocked from access!

Could we be looking at the entrance to the 2019 project???

Both Ninja and Jet Stream feel a little different now that all of the bordering structures and brush are gone! There’s so much room back here!

Fingers crossed for some new up-close views of Ninja‘s famous finale turn when the 2019 project is complete!

Apocalypse and the Coaster Candy Kitchen are poises for major facelifts. It’s clear that Apocalypse is here to stay, we look forward to what it may look like when the area is relaunched. 

Likewise, I hope to see some cosmetic enhancements come to Jet Stream now that the ride’s infrastructural improvements are complete for now. 

I think we could use a new canopy! Maybe the same colors as the new one for Scrambler?

Demolition is still in progress and I already feel like the area has improved.

Let’s finish the night on Riddler.

Nighty night, Magic Mountain!

That concludes this super quick Six Flags Magic Mountain update! Plenty more to come!

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5 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 31, 2018”

  1. I can’t help but to wonder how long Jet Stream is for the park. Log Jammer was 41 years old upon its closure and removal; Jet Stream is 46 years old as I write this. Odd that one flume (the better one, in my opinion) was removed because of increasing maintenance costs while the other—from the same manufacturer yet—keeps on going. But who knows? We’ll see how long Jet Stream stays.

    It feels like August is going to be the longest month until the announcement for 2019’s project. But thanks for covering it here on CCK.

    1. Jet Stream is here for the long haul. Log Jammer had significantly lower capacity, the highest running cost of any ride in the park, mounting issues related to the double-drop configuration, and the lagoon had flooding/drainage problems. Plus, Jet Stream’s land wouldn’t be as easy to redevelop as Log Jammers, since Ninja occupies much of Jet Stream’s footprint.

  2. Thrill Shot’s old line is most definitely gonna be the line for the new ride, I see no other reason for them to keep it … Also i really really hope they tear down the rest of those old crappy buildings near Apocalypse!

  3. I’m glad to hear that Viper is staying (as far as we know, of course). I really hope I get to ride it, but I live in Ohio and I likely won’t be able to head all the way out to Magic Mountain until 2021 at the earliest (my parents are considering it a college graduation present for me).

    I’m a big Arrow fan (Kings Island is my home park and they have Vortex, a really fun Arrow looper that is also my favorite ride) and I want to experience an Arrow seven-looper for myself — it is literally my dream to ride Viper someday! Yes, I know it is not the smoothest ride out there, but still! I’ve really wanted to ride it since 2010 when I became a coaster enthusiast!

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