Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 26, 2018

Sean: We just launched a new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update last weekend but we like to follow up with another quick update! In this update we’ll take a further look at the Cyclone Bay construction, CraZanity, and more!

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Just this past week a small wildfire took place right next to the park, combine the ashes with the dusty housing development next to the park and you’ve got yourself dust/ash covered attractions. I feel bad for the park as their entire premises are covered in dust and it sure doesn’t help with making the park look pretty.

This girl doesn’t seem to mind the dusted slides as she goes down Hurricane Harbor’s most insane water slide, the blue Bonzai Pipeline.

Jet Stream was closed during our trip to the park, there was staff present at the ride but the flume was empty. If it were up to me they’d close it and start its major refurbishment that I hope it will get with the relaunch of Cyclone Bay.

I haven’t seen the Jet Stream photo booth in use in a long time, I hope this makes a return. Now parks are keen on selling all-season photo passes I want them to offer a lot of variety of rides where they can get their on-ride photos. 

On these hot summer days people really enjoy hanging out at the park’s arcades, such as the one across from Katy’s Kettle. 

This game area has received some much needed color and love over the years and looks great, the misters are certainly welcomed too. 

It’s great seeing the amount of people playing the games and spending time at the arcade. Sometimes I wonder if there is still place for these at amusement parks, the audience seems to say “yes”.

Here’s a look at the construction zone at Cyclone Bay a few days later. The buildings that were taken down have all been cleared and the ground is leveled. It creates quite some space for the park to work with!

Not to get ahead of ourselves but we hope the next area to get attention would be Samurai Summit. The theme is awesome, I’d love to see a relaunch. The original details are just so beautiful.

So is the Ninja station, that could use a bit of love. Unfortunately the ride is still down to one-train operations. Luckily we got to ride a few times just after it reopened from a technical delay, and that meant no lines of course. 

This park honestly has such a great collection of coasters. This evening we came to the conclusion that Riddler’s Revenge is one of the park’s most important coasters. The ride has aged so well and the dedication to upkeep for this particular Stand-Up Coaster allows for it to still be in the top 5 attractions at the park. 

I look forward to this view looking a lot different and more exciting next year!

Another cool note, as seen below, is the fact that when Jet Stream is drained the water levels are exceptionally high and the Ninja train swings quite close the water. Also note the huge amount of land clearing in the background. 

Given that maintenance was quite busy around Jet Stream and the water was in the lagoon, I expect the ride to only be down temporary and continue to operate throughout the summer. 

Apocalypse in the background is likely getting a retheme as we mentioned last week. Parts of the track and structure have already been taken off the ride, and I’m curious to see what other work they will be doing to the ride. 

Unfortunately this area of the park is particularly dust-covered due to the housing development and construction behind the park. 🙁

Brake run love on the world’s best Stand-Up Coaster!

Let’s move on to CraZanity, the park’s brand new thrill ride. Kudos to the park for filling up almost every seat and dispatching in a timely manner.

The queues were quite manageable! Though all of the queue space was used, the line was only about 45 minutes. Certainly a worthy wait for a ride as awesome as CraZanity

In case you forgot this 170+ feet tall Zamperla Giant Discovery ride was the tallest Pendulum Swing Thrill ride on earth. 
Riders all seem to love CraZanity <3

And so do we! Check out the CraZanity opening report here!

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update. Check out our new Universal Orlando Resort Cinematic Celebration report, our Infinity Falls Update, a new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update as well as our popular Top 50 Coaster States.

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6 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 26, 2018”

  1. I feel the same about the all season photo pass not enough rides with pictures so I’m thinking of not getting it again and I never could understand why Twisted Colossus doesn’t have on ride photo when it’s probably the most popular ride besides X2 and Tatsu doesn’t really make sense to have all season photo pass for only 5 rides with pictures

  2. Definitely would love to see samurai summit get some love, Also it would be Awesome if they made Ninja Floorless!

  3. Yeah I was there on 7/29 jet stream was fully operational. Also rode tidal wave when I was there those boats need major refurbishment they are gross and nasty. Also why does ninja always just run one train it makes it one of the longest waits in the park

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