Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 5th 2016

20160805_160144 (Medium)A quick afternoon trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain included rides on favorites like X2 while Twisted Colossus seemed to be closed for an extended period. After the recent announcement of Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising and the Suicide Squad Fright Fest Experience, we instantly noticed construction for that too. Join us in this quick update looking at some changes around the park. 

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given Thank you!

Let’s start at the front of the park where after two years the ‘Best Theme Park’ banner has been removed. It was sun bleached and didn’t look best-theme-park quality. The paint below has been damaged badly too, let’s hope they soon touch that up. 20160805_140700 (Medium)

Moving on to the new attraction at the park, The New Revolution with VR. The original headsets have been replaced with new plastic ones that are a million times easier to get on. Capacity seems to have been increased thanks to these. Please note that the lines still move slow. 20160805_142620 (Medium)

Over at the exit a new shade structure has been added over the exit turnstiles. This is where a ride operator takes the VR headsets, and shade was definitely needed. Glad the park added this, I’m sure the ride ops appreciate it. 20160805_143514 (Medium)

Hey look! It’s not even that busy and the park is running both sides of Superman: Escape from Krypton!20160805_160144 (Medium)

Over at the DC Universe construction for the new Suicide Squad Fright Fest Experience continues. This new scare zone was just recently announced and will be a collaboration between Six Flags Magic Mountain and Warner Bros. to bring all the movie characters to a fog-filled light-show and image-mapping filled scare zone. It’s expected to be one of the biggest hits the park’s Fright Fest event has ever seen.  20160805_160208 (Medium)

The Olympic games also officially started and the game area in Colossus County Fair is celebrating. There are flags all around the area and a special “Summer of Games” game promotion is currently taking place!20160805_160139 (Medium) 20160805_160229 (Medium)

Nearby Tidal Wave has started operating its second boat and with the SoCal summer heat boasted a very long line all day. Do not be mistaken though, the line may look long but is shorter than previous years as the line is stopped at the end of the turn by a Flash Pass employee that let’s in Flash Pass users. 20160805_160333 (Medium)

This is the reason the entirety of the area Tidal Wave is located in will soon close for an extended period. The Movie District will be closed during the construction of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 2017 attraction. The ride will be announced September 1st, shortly after which the area will close. 20160805_160511 (Medium)

No real construction can be noted now, but construction should start soon. Please note that the “Wastelands” scare zone that used to be in the area will now be located in front of Apocalypse and the new Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. (More details below).20160805_162448 (Medium)

Speaking of Apocalypse, the ride remains closed for retracking. Something the ride desperately needs. 20160805_162651 (Medium)

No real visible work has been done. (Sorry for the sun-flare). But luckily construction of the biggest maze in Fright Fest history is taking place right next door…20160805_162805 (Medium)

It’s tough to see, but next to Apocalypse’s first drop in the picture you see a giant crane from the old Stunt Theater. In addition multiple other large structure are located in the area of the new maze: Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. The maze will be the largest maze in the history of the event with a walk-through length of 0.5 miles and a maze size of 40,000 square feet. WHICH IS GIGANTIC. 20160805_162850 (Medium)

This will be the entrance to the maze, the old entrance to Deja Vu. The beloved Giant Inverted Boomerang we all still miss. The maze will be located on the old Deja Vu floor print and around Apocalypse. You’re not going to want to miss this maze!20160805_162858 (Medium)

Twisted Colossus was closed for a while today but luckily reopened when we left to watch the Olympics opening ceremony. It sure is a stunning ride! 😀 A good picture to finish with! Please check out some Q&A information below!20160805_182420 (Medium)

Several things we did not discuss have been discussed in our previous Six Flags Magic Mountain Update. Thanks for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We’re having a Q&A on Tuesday night, August 9th at 8:00PM PST! We would love for you to join! More info can be found here. Summer16001 PROMO (Medium)


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  1. Shame they have to close Tidal Wave again after just reopening it after a year… And yes, Riddler does need a repaint/refresh, so does Ninja’s station.

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