Six Flags Magic Mountain Update-5/24/19

Derrion: I am so happy to see my favorite park in so cal begin to transition to its the summer season. The park has been consistently running everyday since January 2018 and I appreciate the effort management has taken to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Today there were a few small park updates and a huge West Coast Racers update! Continue reading for more information.

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It was a pleasant day at the park not too busy or crowded for the start of the memorial day weekend. For those guest who are members, the priority entrance has moved to the left side which will make it more visible and accessible.

Just in time for summer, the park is taking time to coat some of the main walk ways with paint. This section was closed due to the fresh paint.

These small details go a long way in keeping the appearance of the park. Especially as the park will see increasing numbers due to the anticipated 2019 additions of the surrounding southern California theme parks.

Grad Nite is back and the park has various lighting and special effects to make the experience that much more complete. The event will include lived DJ’s from the radio and typically runs after the park closes.

Today happened to be a Grad Nite day and the park was filled with the graduating class of 2019 which affected the crowds slightly. 6/6/19 is the last day for Grad Nite this season.

The restrooms at the main entry are back open. The park has consistently been renovating many of the restrooms and we hope they continue this throughout all of them in the park.

Dare I say It! I tried Scream! again on this visit. For some reason I always give this floor less the benefit of the doubt but always end up disappointed. It was not a horrible ride, besides the rattle, but it was nothing note worthy. It almost felt more relaxing.

On the other hand, Full Throttle is definitely one of my favorite attractions in the park. The hang time going through the loop is unlike any thing I have experienced on a roller coaster.

The trains on Full Throttle have new storage compartments for your smaller personal items. The park has been installing these on many of their attractions. We could see this increasing the dispatch time slightly, great work!

Drum roll please! In other premier rides news, the West Coast Racers preview center was closed on this visit. This could be that construction has moved closer to building and is a safety issue.

The attraction has finally gone vertical! This is the moment we have been waiting almost 9 months for. From this vantage point you can see that the first and third launches are complete and the first set of track heading into the high five element has been placed.

In person, the supports and track are elevated higher than what was expected from the promo video. The park has not released official stats, but its exciting to see that this coaster will literally tower over the new area. This image shows the track that will lead into the final break run and pit stop.

Its great to see the ride finally taking shape. We can finally see how much life this attraction will add to the area.

From this angle there are more footers in place for the top gun tall and airtime hill. The supports are now in place for the high five element. Taking a closer look, these V shape supports are among the most unique supports I have witnessed and from the likes of it there will be more of these skillfully engineered supports.

Over near the Cyclone 500, more work continues on the footers surrounding the attraction. I can not wait to experience this attraction when West Coast Racers is completed.

Just beyond the Cyclone 500 the foundation for the coaster is now in place and footers are being poured. This will be where majority of the second half of the ride takes place and will breathe life into the skyline.

“The Underground” will be the official title that replaces Cyclone Bay. Some of the shops and restaurants have had their outside facade and interior completely stripped. It will be exciting to see how much of the concept art will match reality.  We miss Apocalypse:The Ride. The coaster has been completely re tracked and will re-open with the newly themed area sometime this summer.

We will be back with regular updates at Six Flags Magic Mountain and of course West Coast Racers. Thank you all for reading thus far and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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