Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – 2019 TEASERS – August 10, 2018

Alexander: Something very exciting has happened! The teaser campaign for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s major new 2019 attraction(s) have begun!

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Let’s start at the top of Samurai Summit.

Major work is underway for Sewer of Souls!

You can hear the boombox blairing as workers ready the haunt for the impedning Halloween season. 

Laughing Dragon, meanwhile, isn’t so lucky. 

Ninja is still one train for now. 

With much of Spillikin Corners / Cyclone Bay razed, it begs the question: how many of Samurai Summit’s ancient relics will survive the area’s upcoming remodel?

Who can tell me what this snug bit of queue was for?

If you guessed “Lower Dragon station”, you’d be right!

There’s so much potential around here. 

A walk along the Service Animal Relief Area offers an intimate view of the lower Dragon station as well as the tiny plot once occupied by Spin Out – a Chance Rotor that served as one of Magic Mountain’s opening day attractions.

Where we stand once marked the very back of Magic Mountain; amazing how times have changed. I greatly hope to see Dragon’s re-purposed someday. 

Magic Mountain’s very first “new ride” (post opening season) is now one of the oldest attractions in the park.

Perhaps Magic Mountain’s two most beloved family rides, Ninja and Jet Stream will soon have some new neighbors!

And I don’t just mean the new subdivisions across the street.

Before too long, some nex-gen thrills will once again grace the farthest reaches of Magic Mountain.

But what could it be??

There’s certainly some good space to work with out here.

Jet Stream was running an exceptionally high number of boats today, but two of them were left high and dry.

Finally! Magic Mountain publicly admits to some exciting new developments!

There are six new signs posted on the walls that separate the Cyclone Bay midway from the recently demolished Spillikin Corner era buildings. 

Lots of little hints and details have been dropped!

There’s a lot one can piece together based on some of the theories already out there.

Park patrons are already taking notice of the teaser campaign. 

Let’s review:

Racing? Launching? West Coast? Two is better than one??? The park apparently trademarked the name “West Coast Racers”… which seems to be a fitting name to match these teasers. Perhaps a dueling launched coaster? 

It’s a lot to chew on. Can’t wait to find out more. 

That concludes our Magic Mountain update! The plot’s getting thicker by the day; what could our new attraction(s) be??

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3 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – 2019 TEASERS – August 10, 2018”

  1. As I write this, there are only three weeks till the official announcement. It’s going to be a lonnng three weeks, though.

    One 2019 attraction HAS to be a coaster of some sort. SFMM does not go this long between coasters—at least not since the ’80s. It would be nice to see something from Mack or Gerstlauer here because, strangely, they haven’t been represented in almost 48 years of this park’s existence.

    In a way, I’m kind of glad that these Spillikin-era buildings are going bye-bye. They opened in 1977, right when I graduated from high school. Only the termites will miss them.

    On another note, remember that 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Magic Mountain. I have a feeling that 2020 will be fairly quiet, and 2021 will explode. But we’ll see…

  2. Fingers crossed for a dueling Intamin or Mack multi-launch. It’d actually earn the overused drag race theme by, well, racing. All those others (Lightning Rod, Xccelerator, Top Thrill, etc.) are just time trials lol

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