Six Flags Magic Mountain Super Bowl Sunday 2014

It was Super Bowl Sunday once again, and of course Magic Mountain was pretty much empty again. The longest line to be found was over at the one train operation of Batman.

The longest line we’ve seen for FT today, and Ninja’s line was entirely empty all day too. Tatsu had a 10 minute wait, which is neat. Apocalypse was a walk on, so was Gold Rusher of course, SEFK hardly had a line, and ran both sides later in the day. All with all a good day to visit the mountain.20140202_120737 20140202_134714

Bugs Bunny World renovations are finally coming along very well, the ground has been cleared for the new kiddie coaster, the Tweety’s Escape has partially been relocated, and the little carousel has been partially dismantled as well. Other than that, the area is fenced, and the Full Throttle construction walls are now used for Bugs Bunny World as well.  20140202_124903 20140202_124922 20140202_130924 20140202_130845 20140202_130949 20140202_162616

In addition to that, the new entrance to BBW is being realized, although we’re not sure what it’s supposed to be…20140202_124823

The Mooseburger Lodge is officially no longer the Mooseburger Lodge, as all signage has been taken away, and the indoor is now pretty much cleared to become…20140202_124713 20140202_124749 20140202_131205 20140202_131215

We also noticed that Magic Flyer’s track was wrapped in plastic, and that it was of course not operating. 20140202_130810

Also, the ‘control-booth’ of the Full Throttle Plaza is going to soon receive a roof. It seems to be maintenance month at MM, after we also noticed new fencing around Ninja’s storage tracks! 20140202_162857

Scrambler and Swashbuckler are still out, we’ve seen parts of Scrambler under scream, and next to Apocalypse. Most Swashbuckler parts are returning to the ride, we don’t expect it to take too long to be come operative again. 20140202_162028

But then at 4’45 the rain kicked in, and around 5 it was pouring, leaving Full Throttle closed, and visitors leaving. We left too, after finally finding out the Cyber Cafe sandwiches are on the dining pass too now! 20140202_165930

Comment anything we missed, or didn’t talk about below!

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