Six Flags Magic Mountain Scare Zone Reviews

Now it’s the end of Fright Fest 2013, we have ratings and reviews for every single Scare Zone at Six Flags Magic Mountain for you! 

Below you’ll see a chart comparing our Scare Ratings with the ones provided by the park. The ‘normal’ ratings are not related to how scary they are, but to how well they’re put together, and how well it was themed. And if it lived up to the expectations. (Some names had to be shortened in the chart in order to fit, full names will be provided in the review section)

  • Demon’s Door

This NEW Scare Zone is very well done! You will enter through an opened door, and red lights and lots of fog show the guests that they’ve just entered HELL. The props look great with the black-lights shining on them! Guests will make their way through the fog, and many demonic creatures will try to scare them. The costumes look really good, and the park has really put a lot of work into it! Once guests found the end of the Scare Zone, they’ll end up at the Valencia Falls, where the fountain is, which is totally lit up red. To their surprise, 30 ft tall flames shoot out of the fountains, right next to the pathways! Great, and very well themed, Scare Zone!

  • Zombie Xing

Another great NEW Scare Zone. Definitely lives up to it’s Scare Rating! Once guests approach the Scare Zone, their will either be a TV with a news channel turned on showing the Zombie invasion, or a road-construction sign saying; ‘Zombie Crossing Ahead’. The park seriously fogs this Scare Zone out, and you won’t have a single clue where you’re heading, and what zombie is about to scare you. Zombie Xing has lots of nice props where the actors can hide under or behind, and a big variety of fog-machines. There are a bunch of blue lights shining into the Scare Zone, disorientating guests even more. Overall a great new Scare Zone that you can’t escape since all access to Bugs Bunny World is closed off.

  • City Under Siege

Not new but definitely a well-done Scare Zone is City Under Siege in DC Universe! This Scare Zone has a mix of interesting lights and lots of fog machines that leave guests wondering if all good of DC Universe has turned evil! The comic-like characters come from everywhere as they laugh in your face, and slide over the ground scaring guests with sparks! City Under Siege definitely fits the area and additionally has a set of green lasers that scan over the Scare Zone. This main effect makes it look as if DC Universe is permanently radio-active. All rides are still operating, making it a foggy, and very interesting, experience!

  • Exile Hill

The scare zone that takes over Samurai Summit ranging from Ninja over to the maze Black Widow.  The scare zone, although not being as fogged as some other scare zones, is very dark, and filled with planters for ghouls to hide.  Monsters range from the four legged creatures, to the undead, to the characters who slide in with spark all around, and, although not the best themes, the darkness makes the scare factor all the better.

  • Nightmares – A Twisted Fantasy

All of your favorite fairy tales, with nightmarish scary twist.  This scare zone, located between Tatsu and Revolution, winds through the fogged and darkened trees with demented princesses, fairy godmothers, and witches galore.  The combination of these demonic creatures and the roar of Revolution in the background will be sure to have you running for your life.

  • The Wastelands

The scare zone that corresponds with the maze Aftermath, due to its shared location with the maze line, this scare zone takes visitors through a post apocalyptic town, filled with the undead, crawling around every corner.

  • Gypsy Hollow 

The scare zone that corresponds with the maze Cursed, which is full of werewolves, and gypsies, who carry around their half dead family members and friends.  This scare zone uses and extreme amount of fog in a small area, meaning almost no visibility which is great for the monsters, but bad for you.

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