Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – June 10th, 2019

West Coast Racers

Lots of great progress for the future attraction. The last turn around looks completely amazing over the West Coast Racers preview center.

The support structure is creatively engineered and is very appeasing to the eye. This will form the main entry to the The Underground. A new themed area inspired by the Los Angeles culture. It is going to be amazing seeing the trains zoom right over head.

As you can see, the supports were strategically placed to allow guest the opportunity to pass below. West Coast Racers’ layout is a perfect use of space for this section of the park. There are more footers on the site of Cyclone 500 that make up the latter half of the attraction.

More work continues on the foundation of the station. It is almost shocking that we are reporting how fast this coaster is starting to take shape.

The transfer track is complete. The track is being installed steadily but there is no work currently on the exterior of the buildings in the area.
When this photo was taken, they had just placed the first high five element. If you look below the same identical section of track looks that it will be placed soon after. We want to thank the construction workers for truly building for our enjoyment.

In my opinion the best part of this attraction is that it will breathe life into this section of the park. It was a surprise to see how this coaster will soon tower over the area with near misses and we are thrilled to see the finish product.

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