Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update 1/20/14

We went two days in a row, and since we couldn’t do a photo-update of yesterday, we’re doing one right now.

First off, X2 was running 2 trains, without fire, and malfunctioning music, but still great that it’s open again! Additionally they make you pay for lockers now, even if you have just purchased a souvenir bottle, so we highly recommend you to either not buy a souvenir cup, and live off of free water, or buy one after riding X2. We find it ridiculous that the park tries to sell you these around every corner, and thus forces you to pay additionally to store it. Even Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which makes you use lockers for EVERYTHING, allows cups in the ride station for free. It’s time for SFMM to also install a special cup cabinet in every station (especially X2) that almost all other Six Flags parks have in use. More on X2’s actual operations tomorrow. (Below you’ll see the new chain motor, nice shade of red!)20140119_135726 20140119_144415 20140119_150035

Let’s move on to Bugs Bunny World! The new entrance is being realized, the carrot club theater is being restored, and Tweety’s Escape is being relocated next to Road Runner!20140120_140646 20140120_140632 20140120_140252 20140120_140204

Additionally, they’re replacing the Canyon Blaster Background, and the tea-cups ride is currently down for maintenance too! 20140120_140449 20140120_140427 20140120_140409

Last but definitely not least, the old Mooseburger Lodge building is being cleared out! We didn’t realize how much available space there actually is, and how great this could look as a sports bar!20140120_140741 20140120_140818

2 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update 1/20/14”

  1. I’m glad that SFMM is making improvements to Bugs Bunny World. That area really needed it. What I’m not glad for is the retheme of Mooseburger Lodge into a sports bar. The park really needs a nice sit down restaurant, and Mooseburger was the place. To be fair, I’m not into sports at all, but I see a sports bar as a crazy, loud place with videos every which way you turn. At some point, I hope park management realizes the need for a relatively quiet family restaurant and either reopens or rethemes the old Laughing Dragon restaurant on the top of the mountain or finds a place to build a new one.

    1. They really need to refurbish the Laughing Dragon restaurant. Visitors will have a lovely view of Full Throttle, as well as a peaceful environment up the hill. It would be wonderful to see MM have 2 dine-in restaurants, one peaceful, and one fitting the ‘Live Life’ theme. Totally agree with you on that one!

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