Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update 1/12/14

California Coaster Kings went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today. It wasn’t too crowded, if crowded at all, but lots of things were going on. Let’s take a look.

First off, one of Sky Tower’s windows was ‘open’, or broken. And the ride will not reopen ’til March 22nd. All entrance and exit paths are blocked. 20140112_135149

Scrambler has been dismantled, and all parts are located next to Apocalypse on the storage lot. Hopefully the ride will get some sort of re-paint, it’s very faded currently. 20140112_120843

Swashbuckler has also been dismantled for maintenance, the ride’s parts are stored partially next to ride and at the storage lot between HH and FT. 20140112_112300 20140112_112309 20140112_112307Additionally, does any one know why these trees, next to Swashbuckler have been marked, will they be removed? 20140112_112315On another positive note, Scream!, which was only running one train today, finally has it’s station music back! We loved the techno music and the auto-announcements. The volume was turned up just right, and waiting to ride has never been this good before.20140112_113248When looking at the Kiddie area expansion, Six Flags Magic Mountain is well on its way. Foghorn’s Railway has been removed, and is stored behind the carrot club theater. Tweety’s Escape is too, the new location for TE will be next to Road Runner Express, the site seems to be ready for the move of the ride. The cleared site will be home to the new kiddie coaster!20140112_110309 20140112_110319 20140112_110342 20140112_110438Just as there wasn’t a line, Lex Luthor broke down, and didn’t reopen for the day. Which we found sad as we were the only ones left waiting at a point. On the more positive note, we did get to see maintenance use the awesome orange remote control.   20140112_162620There is once again some activity going on at the old Thrill Shot site, hopefully we’ll soon see some sort of ride being placed there.20140112_121136

Additionally, Ninja is back to 2 train operations, with new wheels and harnesses, trains 1 and 3 have never rolled this smooth before. Another great thing is Batman. Batman was running one train today, with the other train not being in storage, we have a very strong feeling that the other train is being prepared to run backwards. Since we saw special parts for Batman Backwards located on the storage track between Riddler’s Revenge and Batman The Ride, and exactly half seemed to be unwrapped and gone already, Batman Backwards shouldn’t be too far away! X2 is doing good too, all the chain links are no longer stored on the site, and seem to have been installed, maintenance was working on X2 again today, so we hope for it to reopen soon!

That’s about it for today, as you’ve seen lots has happened. Please comment any thoughts, or additional information below!! Thank you!

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  1. I think they are taking out the trees next to Swashbuckler because the boat, itself, is not very visible due to the trees. Just a personal opinion so we’ll see!

    1. Buccaneer, the boat, is though pretty visible from the other side, the side on which it is located. Even with the removal of the trees gone, not much additional will be seen. Totally get your point, and I agree, the park hardly has flats, now it’s time for them to advertise them!

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