Six Flags Magic Mountain Metro Park Pub Preview + Metropolis Update!

Sean: Though I often swing by Six Flags Magic Mountain for a quick ride on Ninja or Viper, today I was invited to be part of a select small group to check out the brand new Metro Park Pub and all of its delicious offerings. In addition to which, I received lots of great information regarding Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and the brand new area ‘Metropolis’. That and more in this report! 

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It was an absolutely gorgeous and hot day out at the park, hyped for some refreshing beer and food down the hill! 

Metro Park Pub

Part of the whole Metropolis launch at Six Flags Magic Mountain are all the new restaurants that already opened earlier this season, now a large scale outdoor patio is opening with the new themed area on July 12th, and is called Metro Park. 

Within Metro Park, we find the Metro Park Pub! 

The Pub’s seating area is quite large, lots of big tables. The umbrellas that you see will receive their own planters. 

In the background you’ll note the old Gazebo that you see as you walk into the area, which has become a large bar. On peak days the park expects to have about five to six bartenders working there at once.  The whole area will receive strings of lights, creating a very cool night time hang out spot. Much as Cedar Fair is doing with their ‘Midway’ or ‘Boardwalk’ themed new areas. 

Seating is plenty, and it really is nicely tucked away behind the new restaurants and surrounding attractions. The tall trees all around the area already provide plenty of shade! 

The Metro Park Pub will also be home to daily live entertainment in the peak season, inviting local artists and bands to play on the stage in the back of the garden. as you can see, the area is still undergoing some landscaping changes!

The counter you see in the back is where guests will order food, this is a Six Flags first, as guests will receive buzzers so they can hang out in the garden and relax, then pick up their food when it is ready! The staff is very excited already, as this eliminates one of the park’s main issues, crowded lines for food.

The park created large planters all throughout the area and added a large amount of trees. The same is happening inside Metropolis, which is the first time in a while that the park is adding more trees than it took out! 

Of course we got to try all of the new food offerings along with an open bar to try their beer selection. More on-tap beers and specialty brews will be offered by the time the Pub officially opens on July 12th. 

Food included Kale Salad, Chicharrones Pork Skin Nachos, Fried Cheese Curds, Fried Green Beans, Flat Bread Pizzas, and more. The park brought in a Culinary expert to create a specialty menu just for the Metro Park Pub. 

Overall, knowing that Six Flags Magic Mountain is adding more to the Metro Park Pub in terms of food and drink offerings, lighting (there’s even talk of LEDs in the trees), and landscaping, I am very pleased with how it turned out. ESPECIALLY WITH GOOD OL’ SKY TOWER STARING DOWN AT EVERYONE <3 

A quick note to Six Flags Pass holders: As the Metro Park Pub is slowly testing out their new buzzer system, along with additional food and drink offerings, the park is hosting daily (not guaranteed) soft openings, usually starting around noon for the next two weeks. These soft openings are only accessible to pass holders, so swing by some afternoon or night soon, and check it out for yourself. The Metro Park Pub opens to the public along with Ace ‘O Clubs, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, and The Riddler’s Revenge on July 12th! 

Metropolis and the Riddler’s Revenge

Next up, let’s take a look at Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! The ride interior, as well as its pre-shows have pretty much been completed. The facade of the Hall of Justice is currently going up rapidly! 

The Metropolis area itself is still under full construction, as the park is adding lots of planters to increase vegetation. In addition, the Riddler’s Revenge exit may seem bare without the classic gas station, but it looks like a large planter, or something of significance is taking its place! 

The steps up to the ride are currently under construction along with the facade, in addition the line (in the corner between The Riddler’s Revenge and the show building) is also still under construction, but should be finished soon. Note that the Riddler’s Revenge entrance has received a small make over with fresh repaints and plastering. The logo has been repainted a new white, and the neon lights will remain!  

Just today the Ace ‘O Clubs signage was added, the facade of the building has been removed and only the tower remains. The midway side of the restaurant’s patio has received all new seats and tables, as where the patio near the Riddler’s Revenge exit will still have the old set up. 

The restaurant will offer pretty much the same food options it did as JB’s BBQ. What will be different once inside is the interior. Park officials stated that it will be heavily themed inside. 

The real amazingness that was also placed in the past few days is the Metropolis sign! I am such a big fan of it! 

You may have spotted the Riddler train in the above picture, which is filled with water dummies. To reopen the ride, the state requires a minimal amount of hours of testing, so the ride has been making test runs the past few days. Including today during sunset! 

The Riddler’s Revenge repaint was completed incredibly quickly, and though I was skeptical at first, I love how it has turned out! The Riddler’s Revenge is pretty much ready to roll, all we have to wait for is the technical rehearsals of the new area, which are (subject to change) likely going to be July 9th and 10th.

I am so excited to ride this ride again. I still find it one of the most solid attractions in the park’s line-up, and the layout is just one of my favorites! 

I may just start calling it Cheetah’s Revenge or Riddler’s Hunt, because this color scheme constantly makes me think of Busch Gardens Tampa’s Cheetah Hunt. But at least we don’t have two identical color schemes next to each other any more 😀

Many of you know we’re big Arrow Dynamics fans! So a ride on Gold Rusher is always a must. I’m getting indications that Viper’s days are numbered, I’m still hoping for a refurbishment of my favorite Arrow looper, read more on that here. 

Full Throttle had been struggling all afternoon and night, not being open for most of the afternoon and then just sending empty trains out all evening. Guess I’ll catch that another visit. (Which will lowkey be later this week). 

The summer entertainment offerings are back! Including Kwerk, which I did not get a chance to see yet, as well as the popular Full Throttle Nights! 😀 

Not much of a park update this time around, something that you’ll see again soon! It was great hanging out with park management discussing all of the new offerings and details regarding the new attractions. 

Let’s finish with some Riddler’s Revenge. Seems appropriate for this report! 

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Preview of the new Metro Park Pub, as well as the construction of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and the relaunch of the Riddler’s Revenge! Stay tuned for many exciting reports soon! Including SeaWorld San Diego, the San Diego County Fair, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and more!

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